Bamboo Pillow made in USA

The bamboo adjustable fiber foam pillow can be easily made to be firmer or softer support. This adjustable pillow is created in the USA from start to finish.

Great for both side sleepers and back sleepers. If you are looking for a pillow that allows you to increase or decrease the loft of the pillow, then you will love this neck support pillow.

The adjustable fiberfill pillow comes with instructions on opening your pillow for the first time, how to wash your pillow, and how to re-fluff your pillow for optimum comfort.

As with all new pillows, there may be an adjustment period to using your fiber-foam pillow.

If after a few nights you feel like you do not have enough support (or conversely too much support), just open up the zipper and either remove or fill the pillow as needed.

This premium adjustable neck pillow is very simple to take care of.

Machine wash is not recommended for this pillow. Rather, we recommend that you wash your pillowcase regularly.

Just remove the inner liner that contains the filling (and put it to the side), and wash the bamboo cover by hand (preferred method) or in a machine. Let air dry after this cover is washed. This pillow does not need to be dry cleaned, ironed, or bleached. Hand washing is recommended over machine drying.

Bamboo Pillow made in USA
Bamboo Pillow made in USA

What is Bamboo pillow?

A bamboo pillow is a type of shredded foam pillow where the outside cover is made from bamboo. The inside pillow filling can be made with your favorite bedding material. Because bamboo is considered a sustainable material, you’ll often find bamboo pillows filled with environmentally friendly, but still comfortable materials.

Best bamboo pillows on Amazon

A recent addition to the pillow community, bamboo pillows are becoming more and more popular for their soft, eco-friendly, and mold-able material as compared to other traditional pillow types.

Finding a great pillow is important for your sleep hygiene, but for many of us, it can take years of searching to come up with that perfect pillow. With so many pillow types on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.

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