Vintage John Deere Hats

Vintage John Deere Hat: In reading our recent Brief History of the Ballcap, I was reminded just how much I love the look of vintage-style baseball caps. Vintage is always in style.

Represent your favorite brand with this officially licensed cap with a raised logo patch on the front two cotton panels, complimented by breathable mesh rear panels.

They’re as American as apple pie and as much a wardrobe classic as jeans and T-shirts. We’re talking about baseball caps, of course. The timeless sportswear staple is part of our cultural identity that transcends time, age, gender, profession, and even sports.

This hat is the perfect cap to have with you at every upcoming baseball game!

Vintage John Deere Hat, vintage baseball caps, old style baseball hats
Vintage John Deere Hat

Vintage John Deere Hats

Vintage baseball-style caps can be deployed to devastating effects by just about anyone. Whether you’re looking to declare allegiance to a team, show your friends that you were, in fact, cool before they knew you, or just want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, they really can’t be beaten.

Young children, grown men, and women wear them, as do basketball players and tennis players, umpires and truck drivers, and postal workers and servicemen. Indeed, it seems there are baseball cap styles to suit every person across all walks of life.

Vintage John Deere Hat, vintage baseball caps, old style baseball hats
Vintage John Deere Hat

Vintage baseball caps

The fit of an old-timey cap is a lot more flattering, as most tend to follow the natural shape of the head.

Vintage baseball caps
Vintage baseball hats:

We may indeed be living in the time of “Peak Cap,” as there are more companies than ever making these great hats. So here is—right over the plate in your sweet spot—what I believe to be the most comprehensive buying guide to vintage-style caps anywhere.

Complete your vintage look with this John Deere baseball cap.

Vintage Gray Wool Cap:

Vintage trucker hats

Vintage trucker hats:

Vintage hats men, for example, If I wore it daily I would look like a damn fool. But donned on special occasions? All I can say is that it’s a good thing I have that hat on to protect me from all the compliments that tend to rain down upon me.

I guess we’ll never know, but of one thing we can be sure–the appeal of an old-style ball cap gets better with age.

In a time when everyone can wear a new cap in every game of the season (and you wonder why a family trip to the ballpark has become a triple-digit experience?), it’s nice to don a new cap from the old days when you got one for the whole season.

John Deere mesh cap with a vintage front logo:

John Deere oilskin cap

Oilskin hats are the perfect addition to our range of core oilskin jackets and vests. Made in a diverse range of colors and styles we are sure there is something to protect every head from Mother Nature’s harsh elements.

Vintage hats mens

While vintage hats can obviously be found at your local thrift store, there is a better, easier way, and it’s called the internet, and Amazon is the best place.

Vintage baseball hats

These aren’t exactly vintage hats as much as they are high-quality recreations of them. John Deere is one of the best in the business at turning out historic replicas of bygone hats.

John Deere hat, cap with vintage logo:

Vintage john deere tractor

Antique John Deere tractors are a reminder of our nation’s past a now rustic, integral model of ingenuity and industrialism. Antique enthusiasts might seek them out both for “show” and for practicality, as these machines are still very usable in the current day.

Logo: John Deere Quality Tractors

John Deere hats amazon

What sells the most on amazon?

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Old style John Deere hats

The hat is a much-maligned piece of clothing these days. It seems like someone is always complaining or making snarky remarks about the gentleman’s chapeau, but it’s only because they fear what they do not understand how to wear a hat.

Not only is a hat a suave way to finish off an outfit, but it’s also a versatile, functional men’s accessory that’s appropriate in any season.

Sun, snow, rain, sleet…there’s almost nothing Mother Nature can throw at you that won’t be assuaged by the addition of a hat.

Vintage John Deere Hat, vintage baseball caps, old style baseball hats
Vintage John Deere Hat

John Deere hat vintage

Hat styles get as creative as the people who wear them, but these are the basics you need to know to stay shady and cool.

Brush up on the different kinds available, then surf through our gallery of headgear inspiration and ideas. You’ll soon see the hat is an effortless and inspired final touch.

Vintage John Deere Hat, vintage baseball caps, old style baseball hats
Vintage John Deere Hat

John Deere trucker hat vintage

John Deere hat vintage
john deere vintage clothing
vintage clothing men:

What is vintage clothing?

“Vintage” is a colloquialism commonly used to refer to all old styles of clothing. In its modern use, it often indicates that the item is at least 20 years old, while items a century old or more can be considered antique.

How old is vintage clothing?

Clothing, Accessories, and Toys are generally considered to be vintage when they are at least 20 years old. In the last year or so, many classy vintage clothing, houses are considering clothing, especially designer pieces, to be vintage if they are 10 years or older.


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