Bubbler Humidifier

Designed for long-term durability and complete patient satisfaction, the Safety Valve Bubble Humidifier Bottle provides reliable and cost-effective humidification for oxygen therapy users.

Bubble humidifiers are safe and easy to use, maximizing humidification while ensuring quiet operation and reducing system backpressure.

Bubble humidifiers feature diffuser ports, at the bottom of the humidifier’s inner tube, to increase overall humidity and reduce noise during use.

Water level markings, maximum or minimum, are permanently engraved on the transparent bottle; and an easy-grip quad wing nut connector adds user-friendly touches to this bottle design.

The bubble humidifier bottle has an audible 6 PSI discharge pressure alarm to warn of any obstruction in oxygen flow and help reduce the chance of damage to the concentrator due to water occlusion.

Bubbler Humidifier
Bubbler Humidifier

Bubbler for oxygen concentrator

Some people with COPD require oxygen at home. The most common delivery device for this is a nasal cannula. The cannulas have tips that go into your nostrils and allow you to inhale a low flow of oxygen. This low flow usually does not cause any problems, although it can sometimes cause discomfort.

The treatment here is to add moisture to the inhaled oxygen. This can be easily accomplished by using a bubbling humidifier.

So what are bubbling humidifiers? How do they work? do you need one?

What are bubblers?

Bubblers are a type of humidification device. Before, they were glass bottles that broke and needed to be washed. Today, bubblers are made of plastic. When the water runs out, they can be thrown away and a new one can then be added to the system. They are generally considered an inexpensive way to humidify inhaled oxygen.

The appearance of bubblers can vary depending on the company that makes them, but the overall design is similar regardless of brand.

They are small plastic containers. They are about the size of a small tissue box that you can hold in one hand. Above them is an adapter so they can be connected to an oxygen flow meter.

Bubble Humidifier How to use?

In the hospital, the oxygen flow meter will be fixed to the wall. In your home, the flow meter will be connected to tanks or your oxygen concentrator.

The bubbler is connected to the flowmeter. On the side of the bubbler is an attachment for the nasal cannula tube.

The concept is quite simple. The oxygen flow travels to the bubbler through a small tube that guides the oxygen to the bottom of the bubbler.

Here, oxygen enters the water to cause gas bubbles to rise to the surface of the water.

As the gas travels, it picks up water, thus increasing the humidity of the molecule. The humidified oxygen molecules then travel through the oxygen tubing to your nose for you to inhale.

So, in this way, the bubblers moisten the inhaled oxygen. The goal here is to prevent the nose from drying out. This can prevent nasal irritation caused by inhaling oxygen.

Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Kit

Each hospital has its own policy regarding bubblers. The same goes for providers of home oxygen equipment. Some will automatically provide you with a bubbler, while others will only provide one if you ask.

To reduce the risk of infection for patients, it is necessary to eliminate all potential sources of respiratory pathogens.

Oxygen humidifiers are commonly used in hospitals, because the oxygen used is a dry and irritating gas that, if poorly humidified, causes lesions in the respiratory mucous membranes.

Oxygen humidifiers are devices used to humidify supplemental oxygen. In dryer climates or for other circumstances that would cause the oxygen you breathe to be a little too dry; we carry the right humidifiers for a supplemental oxygen concentrator.

Now you can have the comfort of perfectly humidified air while you travel into drier climates. Our selection of Oxygen Humidifiers and Humidifier Kits provides long-lasting moisture for utmost user comfort during oxygen therapy, especially in drier climates.

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