Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator manufacturers

Sales of portable oxygen concentrators offering continuous and pulsatile flow oxygen are increasing.

Portable oxygen concentrators are used to provide oxygen therapy to patients. The oxygen provided by portable oxygen concentrators has a higher amount of concentration than ambient air.

Furthermore, portable oxygen concentrators have been used throughout the world on a large scale.

The increasing need of patients in need of treatment with respiratory problems is driving the growth of the market for portable oxygen concentrators.

In recent years, portable oxygen concentrators have been developed because manufacturers are improving the design and also making the oxygen concentrator with comparatively smaller size and higher mobility.

The next generation of portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight and easily portable, making a person’s life easy and hassle-free.

Oxygen concentrator manufacturers in USA

Global Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market:

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator market in the United States is segmented by delivery system, application, end user, and region.

Depending on the delivery system, it is classified as continuous flow and pulse flow. Depending on the application, it is classified as COPD, asthma, respiratory distress syndrome, and others.

Based on the end user, it is classified into hospitals, home care settings, and others.

Oxygen concentrators made in the USA are available worldwide.

Backpack-sized units are portable and suitable for home use. The demand for them is strong worldwide.

There are two types of portable oxygen concentrators: the pulse flow models and the combination continuous flow and pulse flow models.

Pulse flow machines are lightweight and can be carried in a shoulder bag or backpack. Trolley-type hubs are heavier and travel on a two-wheeled frame behind you.

Some of the trolley-style continuous flow portables are small and light enough to carry around as an option.

Continuous flow oxygen provides a constant flow of oxygen regardless of whether the patient is inhaling or exhaling oxygen.

Pulsed oxygen flow delivers a puff of oxygen when the patient inhales.

Portable continuous flow and pulse oxygen concentrators allow oxygen patients to select continuous flow or pulse mode based on their oxygen needs at any given time.

Oxygen Concentrator Prices Online

Since the number of patients increases every day, there has been a shortage of oxygen concentrators.

Therefore, the available stock is sold at high prices. Since the prices you see online are mostly inflated, we contacted a few dealers to confirm actual prices for oxygen concentrators.

Based on the information we have collected, oxygen concentrators from popular brands such as Philips, BPL, Inogen with 5-liter capacity cost between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000, depending on the model and region.

We suggest that you contact the oxygen concentrator company directly through their website, obtain a number for the distributor in your region, and purchase an oxygen cylinder.

If you buy from third parties, they will most likely charge you up to double the amount of the oxygen concentrator.

Does anyone make a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator?

The most sought after brands and models are Inogen, Respironic SimplyGo, AirSep Freestyle 3, SeQual Eclipse 5.

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