American made oximeter

Like infrared thermometers, pulse oximeters have become the latest product to go out of stock in a few days during the epidemic outbreak.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the oxygen content in the blood. It is an indicator of how much oxygen from the air we are breathing in our lungs reaches the blood.

Placed on the tip of a finger, the device displays both oxygen saturation, a percentage of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, and pulse rate.

The normal range of oxygen saturation is 95 to 100 percent.

american made oximeter
American made oximeter

Medical devices examples

Medical equipment manufacturing is an industry that produces a wide range of products intended for physicians, healthcare workers, nurses, hospital personnel, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, and others in the healthcare field.

At the level of medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers, medical device and surgical device manufacturers hold a significant share of the market, generating more than $ 90 billion in revenue and employing more than 300,000 people.

With a compound annual growth rate of nearly 5%, the industry is expected to exceed $ 135 billion by 2024.

American made pulse oximeter

The United States has always been recognized as a country that highly values ​​technology and, in particular, health and medical device technology.

For years there was a true lack of a medical device that could provide pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation readings while being portable.

Such an oximeter device is a pulse oximeter and it is now available in America. There have always been earlier generations of pulse oximeter products in America, as hospitals almost certainly had them.

However, those devices were quite large and bulky and were definitely not portable, and couldn’t be carried anywhere people wanted to go.

Then came various inventions and advancements in chip technology that essentially opened the door to new, portable pulse oximeter devices.

In stock pulse oximeter

With the new advancement in technology and production, the pulse oximeter market really changed during the epidemic in America.

People in that country who needed vital signs monitoring were no longer glued to their old, immobile oximeter devices.

Now they could use this new generation of devices that were completely portable to monitor their health.

One of the most common health conditions in America is actually respiratory problems.

With the use of this device, diseases like asthma can finally be monitored wherever the individual wishes to go.

They simply take their pulse oximeter with them and monitor their oxygen levels to make sure they are getting enough oxygen to prevent an asthma attack or other ill health effects.

Pulse oximeter made in USA FDA approved

The United States has always been a country that has exemplified the importance and attention to technological advancement.

This is particularly evident in the United States’ dedication to advancing FDA-approved medical device equipment and supplies.

Some of the earliest medical device products were first invented and manufactured in that country and later reached other parts of the world.

So that this country actually chooses a medical device says a lot and they have therefore been very successful with its use.

Pulse oximeter uses and limitations

The actual practical uses of the device are quite varied in the country and range from hospitals, clinics to the military.

What they especially like is the fact that the device is portable by nature.

This was always the problem with these product brands because they were never portable.

However, now the device is so small and wireless that it can be taken anywhere.

It seems that technology is advancing at an incredible rate and it is the one that really benefits patients and users.

Pulse oximetry monitoring

In the past, people with health problems that required constant monitoring had to resort to having to constantly be in the hospital or at their doctor’s office.

However, since new technology allows the construction of smaller chips, the devices have gotten smaller.

But they still have as much precision and practicality as the other devices.

So in the end, technology has advanced and those who really need it, such as patients and those with various diseases, have benefited greatly from this advancement.

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