How much does an Oximeter cost?

Before the pandemic, the last time you were in contact with a pulse oximeter was at your annual checkup or in an emergency room. But what exactly is a pulse oximeter, how much does it cost, and in what situation would a person need to use one at home?

It is important to assess different patients and select the right medical device for those in your care. Costs may change based on what suits the patient’s needs.

How much does an Oximeter cost
How much does an Oximeter cost?

Pulse oximeter cost

Currently, oximeters can cost between $20 and $50, in online stores, and between $70 and $250 for oximeters that provide a more complete picture than the limited data available from other devices, data such as:

Conventional measurements

  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2): level of oxygen in the blood to indicate changes due to heart or lung function, your body’s use of oxygen, or altitude
  • Pulse (PR): number of heartbeats per minute to indicate general fitness or exertion levels at any given time
  • Perfusion Index (Pi): the force of blood flow to the finger to indicate changes in blood circulation

Breakthrough measurements

  • Respiratory rate (RRp): number of breaths per minute to indicate how well your heart and lungs are working or how quickly you recover after exercise
  • Plethysmographic Variability Index (PVi): Variation of the perfusion index throughout your respiratory cycle, which may indicate changes in hydration, respiratory effort, perfusion, or other factors.

Medical oximeters give you a more complete picture than the limited data available from other health devices.

Buy a pulse oximeter online and keep yourself and your loved ones away from the risk of respiratory diseases by monitoring your health status from home.

So, how much does a pulse ox machine cost?

It depends on the use and the brand, it will cost between 20 and 250 dollars.

Which oximeter is best for home use?

An oximeter, which gives precise readings, at all times, heart rate values, blood oxygen levels, perfusion index, oxygen saturation, etc. consult your doctor before buying one.

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