Where can I buy a pulse oximeter?

If you or a family member does contract a respiratory illness, you will want to have some necessary supplies at home, such as a thermometer, tissues, and fever reducers.

In addition to these items, you may also want to consider getting a pulse oximeter.

These medical devices are attached to the finger to measure oxygen saturation in the blood.

Best pulse oximeter

When we covered pulse oximeters in the past, experts told us that oxygen saturation can be an indicator of reduced lung capacity, a common symptom of the pandemic virus.

The new virus is a cause of respiratory diseases that can cause lung complications that deplete oxygen levels in the body.

If an oximeter shows that one’s oxygen saturation is low, this could be a signal to bring your loved one to medical attention.

Oxygen saturation below 90 percent is considered hypoxic, which means that there is a lower level of oxygen than necessary in the blood.

If you are considering getting a pulse oximeter online, you can have one delivered right to your door.

While pulse oximeters are relatively easy to find right now, with cases of the new virus rising across the country, they may be in short supply soon.

Below, you’ll find highly-rated pulse oximeters based on reviews and from reputable sellers from Amazon, Walmart, and more. And remember, while not entirely necessary for everyone, a pulse oximeter might help you feel calm.

Types of pulse oximeters

What types of pulse oximeters are available?

Pulse oximeter probes or sensors can be attached to the finger, nose, ear, toe, and forehead areas.

The most accurate readings generally come from when the pulse oximeter is attached to the finger, specifically the middle finger, as opposed to other parts of the body.

Home pulse oximeters only measure pulse oxygenation and heart rate, while hospital systems can provide a printout of the readings.

However, some pulse oximeter accessories can now be linked to smartphones and can save data for printing later.

How to choose oximeter?

When shopping for home pulse oximeters, there are many brands to choose from.

Pulse oximeters that are labeled ‘for medical use’ and ‘FDA approved’ are what to look for when purchasing one.

These can be seen in products found at drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and even Target. Most pulse oximeters also measure your heart rate, which is also an advantage for many.

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