100 Percent Cotton Bandanas made in USA

When you buy a bandana to use as a mask, it should be 100 percent cotton bandana made in USA. When you first touch the garment, you’ll know why the softness of high-quality cotton with a 68 x 68 thread count will get softer over time.

22″ x 22″ large classic square bandana is the perfect size to wear as a headband for a party or during a workout, the scarf can cover hair or a bald head, and more.

Soft 100% cotton bandanas

So what is the big difference between cotton and polyester fabric? There are those who bet on cotton, but cheaper polyester is quite tempting, right?

You might think that the lower cost of polyester means a lower quality product, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Polyester is ideal in some cases, while cotton is ideal for others. The real trick is weighing the pros and cons to decide which is the best option for you.

Some people only want to work with 100 percent cotton, because it’s so easy to sew and predictable. You know exactly what you are getting. Others prefer polyester because it is durable and generally less expensive.

Let’s review each one.

Polyester vs cotton

Soft cotton bandana

This natural fiber allows your skin to breathe. Cotton bandanas also absorb moisture to keep body temperature stable.

The fibers are less abrasive than polyester, so it feels super soft on the skin. That said, some cotton fabrics are designed to be strong and scratchy, like heavy-duty cotton canvas. It all depends on the fabric and the finish.

Because it is so much softer, natural cotton is better tolerated by people with sensitive skin than polyester. With organic products becoming more popular, you can find cotton fabrics made with very little chemical processing.

Polyester bandana

Polyester is a synthetic fiber, it is very durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Polyester is not compostable, which means it doesn’t break down well.

Polyester holds dye well to prevent fading, but it doesn’t produce as “rich” a color as cotton. High-quality polyester holds its shape well and does not shrink.

It is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton. This is great for anyone who is afraid of ironing.

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What material are bandanas made of?

What material are bandanas made of?

A medium-weight cotton-like muslin is best suited to make the bandana.

American Made Bandanas

American Made Bandanas

A medium-weight cotton-like muslin is best suited to make the bandana.

27×27 Bandana made in USA

27×27 Bandana made in USA

Each classic design bandana is made from a comfortable cotton construction and measures 27” X 27”