Silk Motorcycle scarf

A silk motorcycle scarf should be soft, thin, and slippery, so you can wrap one around your neck, zip up your jacket, and turn your head and neck all day in comfort and without chafing.

These luxurious 100% natural silk scarves are handcrafted with a soft, dense weave that is perfect for riding your bike. No synthetic fiber is warmer, softer, stronger, or more durable.

Silk provides maximum comfort in all temperature ranges: warm and draft-blocking when cool, and cooling when worn wet in warmer conditions. When you’re on the go, this durable silk also washes up perfectly in any sink, even with a simple bar of hand soap.

The standard scarf pattern is sensually soft mid-weight silk and measures 21×21 inches.

The motorcycle model is similar to the standard model but is two layers thick, and is slightly narrower and shorter, measuring 42″×42″.

Both are premium, long-lasting pure silk that will keep wind, rain, dust, and snow from blowing on your neck, and will fit a suitable size inside any pocket.

No other neckwear works as well or looks as great.

Why wear a neck scarf if you are a biker?

If you’re a motorcyclist, even a little chill in your neck can make your ride uncomfortable. Neck gaiters are always an option, but not all of them are comfortable, and some are bulky enough to interfere with the smooth turning of your head.

I hadn’t even considered a scarf until a friend told me how wonderful they are to handle. The silk motorcycle scarf is a really comfortable garment.

The silk scarf is a classic all-season, multi-use scarf that prevents wind, rain, from coming down your neck by sealing the gap between your helmet and jacket. And since it is made of silk it has quite a few benefits:

  • Comfortable head turning while riding
  • Soft and slippery material feels good on your skin
  • Insulating to keep you warm in the winter
  • Thin and not bulky
  • Prevents neck irritation

Silk motorcycle skull cap

Take a look at our selection of biker scarves that are made from the finest quality silk satin. Scarves can be worn in all kinds of styles, but we would like to classify them as typical scarves.

Silk scarves are definitely more effective than a cotton bandanna. Plus, it’s way more attractive.

White silk motorcycle scarf

Since the early days of aviation, pilots have chosen silk scarves to keep draughts out and to prevent discomfort and chafing from constant head running.

For the same reason, these eye-catching accessories became popular with the ton-up boys, to whom a white silk scarf signified they had reached 100 mph-and joined the Ton-Up Club.

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