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By the way, not even half of the people who call themselves Bikers actually live the lifestyle of one. And we don’t blame them for it. It’s just the way of the world, it binds you.

Work, career, relationships, and responsibility, are all designed to keep you grounded and balanced.

On a bicycle, however, it is impossible to achieve balance while standing still. You have to keep moving. The life of a motorcyclist is the living embodiment of that statement. Never stuck or tied, always in a state of departure and arrival.

So what is it about the biker lifestyle that seems to elude most of us? And more importantly, is it possible for a normal man or woman with normal life to live the Biker lifestyle?

And how do we know if we are really living one? Here are some telltale signs that you really do live a biker lifestyle, even if you don’t know it.

Biker clothing

A bandana is material placed over the forehead and over and around your head and secured in the back, either by tying or velcro.

A bandana is one piece of material that has many uses and ways in which you can wear it. Bikers wear bandanas for a number of reasons: skin protection, style, comfort, and protection from the elements.

If you ride a motorcycle and don’t wear a helmet, a bandana, keeps the sun and wind from burning your forehead.

Bandanas for motorcycle riders

Now, more than ever, we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves from the long-standing effects of sun damage. The bandanas help bikers do this. Over the course of a day of riding, sunscreen or sunblock will wear off.

Even though frequent stops are made (gas up, bathroom breaks, eating, drinking, and socializing), it’s easy to forget to reapply your favorite sunscreen.

Over the years, the style has come into play as manufacturers and marketers have seen an increase in bandana use. Now you can get them in many styles and colors to fit the needs of your business, wardrobe, or personality.

There are brightly colored rags, blingy rags (my favorite), and a personalized bandana. Some are stretchy, some are stiff cotton, some are made out of bandanas, and some are a combination of all.

Bandana Motorcycle
Bandana Motorcycle

Biker bandana

If you attend any biker event, you will see booths selling bandanas.

Another style element is for helmet wearers. Throughout the course of a day, the biker will make frequent stops, and on these stops, the helmet is removed to reveal the hat head.

The hat head is not flattering, I don’t care how good-looking you are!

So now you can remove your helmet and replace it with your bandana and, !no more hat head!

The necessity for comfort is important as well. If you are a helmet wearer, a bandana under your helmet can keep itching at bay.

Sweating will more than likely occur when wearing a helmet in warm weather. Some bandanas are moisture-wicking and pull moisture away from your scalp.

Besides the sun, which I previously discussed, there are many other elements we bikers encounter: rain, wind, dirt, road construction, and so much more.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle, this may be news to you. Rain hurts.

Yes, when I’m riding down the highway and it starts to rain, trust me, raindrops hitting your face, or any exposed skin, feel like being poked with little needles.

A bandana can be pulled up over your mouth and nose to help prevent needless pain.

Riding through the road creates an enormous amount of floating dust and debris, necessitating the use of a bandana.

You do not have to worry as the bandana is light and easy to wash. All you have to do is follow the directions on the label. With the bikers bandana, now you can drive safer than before. Forget about breathing dust or bugs getting into your nose or mouth.

It’s never too much, and I always carry extra bandanas in case someone I’m traveling with doesn’t have the protection.

Harley Davidson bandana

Think of open face helmets, minus the face shield and chin bar. Your face is fully exposed and accessible, while the rest of your skull and the back of your head is encased within the shell.

With an open-face helmet, you’ll experience the most airflow, but your face is left vulnerable to the elements and foreign objects you may encounter out on the road.

For this reason, many Harley Davidson drivers who opt for open face helmets may also choose accessories to aid in protecting areas of their face, such as goggles, a balaclava, or even just a bandana to protect their mouth.

Bandana Motorcycle
Bandana Motorcycle

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Bandanas for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Riders wear bandanas for a number of reasons: skin protection, style, comfort, and protection from the elements.

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