Best Bandanas Made in USA

Best Bandanas Made in USA: The history of American bandannas is a difficult topic to research digitally. There are few records and documents available on the internet.

The oldest registration is for the “Elephant Brand” when they were registered as Davis & Catterall.

The original trademark for the Elephant on handkerchiefs was granted in 1913 to Davis & Catterall.

Bandanas are handy, affordable, and look great. These are our favorites brands this year:

Bandanas made in USA
Bandanas made in USA

Bandanas Made in USA

First, it can label its product as “Made in USA” or state in an advertisement that a product is “Made in America.”

This type of representation is an express U.S. origin claim. Second, a marketer can make an implied claim of U.S. origin for its products.

Anyway, every Fashion Week, “it” items tend to pop up on both the runway and the street, sparking major trends that the rest of the world soon follows.

It might be a shoe style, possibly even a color, but this time around, it’ll likely be one specific piece: the bandana.

The best bandanas made in USA, are articles of collection and admiration, for those who wear it on their head on the neck or as a fashion adornment, motorcyclists wear it with pride on their long trips through the country’s roads.

Here is our list of the most relevant bandana brands made in the United States.

  • Elephant bandanas
  • Levi’s bandana
  • Patagonia bandana
  • Carhartt bandana
  • Carolina bandana
  • Nike bandana
  • rothco bandanas

The reason why is more meaningful than you might think. This “trend” is actually a movement, started by popular culture, as a way to show unity.

In other words, a scarf will be “a sign to the world that you believe, what common ties bind you to humanity? regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.”

Elephant bandanas

Elephant Brand: The Golden Standard Since 1898

  • Add a flair of personality to your ensemble with a colorful bandana.
  • There isn’t a more fun accessory that has a rich history like the bandana.
  • Elephant Brand is proud to be a part of that long history, and even more proud to be a central character in shaping the current iteration of the bandana.
  • From iconic feminist Rosie the Riveter to Pirates of the Caribbean, there are a million and one ways to wear and style a bandana. Some of today’s most popular styles include hair covering, outfit accessory, and purse or knapsack accent

Levi’s bandana

Authentic Levi’s Style: Since 1873, Levis has been a pioneer in crafting pure American heritage products. From its iconic jeans to jackets, and now accessories, Levi’s brand is an iconic flagship of the American fashion industry.

The best bandanas made in USA

motorcycles riders

From using it as a protective bandana to wrapping it around your wrist, to using it as a headband to style your hair, or even as an alternative to a necktie, our Levi’s bandanas are as versatile as they are functional.

You can also use our bandana as a cotton square, handkerchief, neck scarf, or pocket square to complete your look with a casual touch.

  • Made from soft-washed cotton and featuring a classic Western-inspired paisley print
  • Wear it around the neck, head, or wrist, or use it as a pocket square

Patagonia bandana

Keep hair out of your eyes, pick up a hot pot on the backpacking stove, shade your neck on a sunny day or cool your forehead—when it comes to outdoor essentials, this Patagonia bandana tops our list.

  • Organically grown cotton stretches and breathes naturally to feel light and soft on the skin
  • Bandana knots easily and can be washed off in any stream you cross
  • Large size accommodates big hair
  • Technical specs:
    • Best Use: Casual, Hiking
    • Fabric: Organically grown cotton
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Sustainability: Contains organically grown fibers

Carhartt bandana

Our favorite giveaway is a Carhartt Bandana. We think they are not only a great gift for everybody but extremely useful! Many people just use bandanas as a handkerchief but they can come in handy in so many different situations. Looking for new ways to use your bandana made in USA? See the list below for some common uses or comment below to tell us how you use your bandana!

Carolina bandana

Each bandanna is a wearable 22″ x 22″ and made of 100% cotton. Carolina bandanas are available in a vast variety of themes, designs, and colors, patterned and solid, each sold separately. Care: machine wash, tumble dry, do not bleach, ironable. Made in USA/Imported.

Nike bandana

Nike bandanas

Nike bandanas also get high marks for original styling and practicality. Bold color choices are a highlight, naturally, but so is the build. The polyester material wicks away sweat and stretches enough to use these as a traditional bandana, hair tie, or face mask.

These bandanas Nike have so many uses. The microfiber cloths can be a mask, scarf, balaclava, pocket rag, or wrist tie. They’re gorgeous in design and wick sweat away from the skin while you’re busy doing your thing.

Rothco bandanas

It’s not hard to locate bandanas these days, but it is a challenge to find high-quality clothes that do everything well. Those bandanas for me are from Rothco. The big size, sewn edges, and durable build work make these the most useful bandanas I’ve ever carried. They’re fantastic for hiking, working, and tying hair back.

Rothco’s 27” Bandanas come in a variety of colors and are versatile; perfect as a facemask, washcloth, scarf, skullcap, headband, and much more.

Best Bandanas made in USA

Nothing is more versatile than the bandana! You can use them for arts and crafts projects like lining a basket or stitching a quilt, as sports team colors (great for: Capture the Flag), as reusable, environmentally safe hankies and dust masks, for light house cleaning, to carry supplies when camping.

As an easy-to-carry and store seat cover for dirty or cold/hot stadium seats or for on the bleachers like at baseball games, and even as ice packs on hot summer days or to ice a child’s scraped knees.

They’re much more classy than a paper towel, but won’t stain like a white cloth napkin!

They can even be used as personal adornments, like hair ties or hair coverings to keep you warm or cool in extreme temperatures, as a sweatband to keep sweat out of your eyes for exercise or hard work like construction and moving, and even as a fabric napkin at barbeques and cookouts.

Who makes the best bandana?

The best bandana is designed by the elephant and Levi’s brands.

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