Motorcycle Face Bandanas

Motorcycle Face Bandanas: Traditionally, the bandanas were used both to cover the head and to clean.

It is not uncommon to see people take a bandana out of their back pocket to wipe the sweat off their forehead or to rub a stubborn stain on their shirt.

The bandanas also served other utilitarian purposes, such as helping to hold the hair in place or preventing sunburn (when wrapped around the neck).

With a number of bright prints and patterns available, motorcyclists also use bandanas to decorate their heads.

Motorcycle Face Bandanas
Motorcycle Face Bandanas

Face bandana for motorcycle riding

Motorcycling is not for the weak. On a motorcycle, you deal with temperatures, wind, rain, insects, and traffic. Even if you wear a helmet, you can still breathe in dust and smog.

Before the pandemic, face bandanas were part of motorcycle clothing. Although many riders wear face masks for style, that’s not the only reason to wear one when you’re on the road.

Best motorcycle face bandanas

Examining all of your options can quickly become difficult, and you may wonder if you are getting the best return on your investment. Fortunately, there are some basic criteria for your search.

most breathable bandana

Your face can get hot and sweaty under an improperly ventilated leather mask. High-quality face masks offer breathability, including perforations, to prevent the mask from heating up, choose designs that allow air to flow through the mask even if it is saturated with rain, sweat, etc.

Leather bandanas Motorcycle

A motorcycle face mask is a go-to outfit when it comes to riding gear.

The proper leather mask can protect your face from aggressive elements while riding while making you look and feel like a real motorcyclist.

However, finding the best leather motorcycle mask is not an easy task. There are countless options to choose from.

The right motorcycle mask will depend on your unique style and needs. Half-face motorcycle masks come in a variety of shapes, designs, and patterns.

What Makes a Leather Motorcycle Mask Great?

You can find a wide range of motorcycle masks available online and in specialty motorcycle stores today.

Biker style bandana

Every year I travel on my motorcycle, apparently to rest for a few days with some old friends, but also to visit distant relatives.

These trips typically involve a series of motorcycle rides, then a few hours one way or the other to get to our main stop.

This year, despite everything, we managed to get there. So what does that have to do with motorcyclists?

Nothing, when we pulled into the lonely restaurant, I noticed that there were four motorcycles parked in front of the otherwise empty parking lot.

However, there was a bandana on the ground, which was obviously dropped by one of the bikers, probably on their way inside.

Now if this scarf didn’t look brand new I would have just left it lying there.

While in the parking lot, I absentmindedly picked it up and joined my friends inside.

What surprised me was how it felt. Heavier, perhaps?

Motorcycle Face Bandanas
Motorcycle Face Bandanas

Biker Head Bandanas

As if it were not the disposable you buy in the online store, but rather, one where you really thought about how you could build a tissue.

It was easy to spot the motorcyclists when we entered, they were the only ones besides us, so I walked over with the handkerchief to hand it over to them.

I handed it to the man, and while he was doing it, I saw something I wasn’t expecting.

A tag on the handkerchief. First of all, riders started tying headscarves for a couple of reasons.

Motorcycle Doo rags Head Wraps

First of all, because it ties the hair, an important detail especially if the hair is long.

Avoid getting it in your face and eyes and getting so tangled, the only way to deal with it later is by cutting and shaving, which is not a pleasant prospect for someone who likes their long hair.

Also, in cold or cold weather, a bandana is a handy head covering to keep warm, especially for motorcyclists who choose not to wear helmets.

Plus, bandanas cover your hair, which is definitely a blessing, even if you’re wearing a helmet, giving you a great way to hide that ugly “helmet hair.”

Some people can ride all day and make their hair look freshly brushed no matter what helmet or wind problems they encounter.

I do not. I definitely trust my trusty bandanas to hide the evidence of uncooperative locks!

The standard design conforms more to the shape of the head, has a flap at the back, and ties to customize the fit and hold it.

It fits better, stays better, and is easier to put on and take off than a bandana, which has to be folded and shaped and doesn’t always stay where you want it.

However, some people use both. I have it, mainly for variety, and if I can’t find a cap that matches my shirt, or whatever.

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