Mobile Crane Test Questions and Answers

The following practice questions are representative of a Level 1 Mobile Crane Theory Exam. These will give you a good idea of how the questions are worded and structured. Please note that relevant diagrams are included with the practice question wherever possible.

Mobile Crane Test Questions and Answers
Mobile Crane Test Questions and Answers

Crane Operator practice test

According to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, what is the minimum distance that must be maintained between a crane and a power line energized with 750v to 75 kv (75,000 volts)?

a. 3 m (10 ft.) **
b. 4.5 meters (15 feet)
c. 6 meters (20 feet)
d. 9 meters (30 feet)

What does the hand signal indicate in the figure below?

a. Boom up **
b. Hoist up
c. Load up
d. Hold the swing

What is the radio protocol between a mobile piece of equipment and a tower crane sharing the same workplace?

a. Mobile operator uses the site channel
b. A separate radio with a mobile-to-tower crane frequency **
c. Mobile rigger maintains radio contact with tower crane rigger
d. Mobile operator switches to tower crane frequency once on site

What does the Occupational Health and Safety Part of the regulation cover, if as an operator you are presented with a load to lift that worries you?

a. Wire rope rejection criteria
b. Right to refuse unsafe work **
c. Storage of rigging equipment
d. Weight distribution criteria of lifting devices

Using the Pythagorean Theorem, what is the unknown side (c) of the triangle in the figure below? Pythagorean Theorem: (a2 + b2 = c2)

a. 9.306 feet
b. 9.801 feet
c. 10.296 feet **
d. 12.661 feet

Which of the following is NOT an acceptable method for determining the weight of a load?

a. Load indicator
b. Bill of lading
c. Test lifting the load **
d. Calculating the load weight

What is the equivalent of 10,030 pounds in kilograms?

a. 3,057 kg
b. 3,238 kg
c. 4,554 kg **
d. 7,650 kg

Refer to the figure below. When calculating the weight of the heavy wall pipe, what is the volume in cubic meters?

a. 6.525
b. 7.643 **
c. 8.390
d. 9.819

When must a pre-operational inspection of a crane be done?

a. Weekly
b. At the end of the shift
c. At the start of the day
d. At the start of each shift **

What is the net capacity at a 21-foot radius? The weight of the rigging is 400 pounds.

a. 7,800 pounds
b. 10,430 pounds
c. 17,680 pounds **
d. 23,475 pounds

These sample questions are intended to convey some of the style and content of the National Crane Operator Certification Program exam developed and administered by the National Commission for Crane Operator Certification.

They are not actual exam questions, nor are they intended to address all knowledge areas tested on the certification exam. The answer to these questions is not necessarily an indication of test performance.

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