Can you walk under pallet racking?

I have come across this situation many times before and have never had a problem with it.

Stock pickers are working under the shelves all the time to retrieve items from the back of the bays.

A shelving collapse will be catastrophic regardless of where a staff member is in the warehouse.

By providing mesh on the back and sides, it seems reasonable to add security.

There should be no unsecured loads stored on a high-rise pallet and a racking inspection and damage reporting scheme should ensure that the racks are stable.

Pallet Racks Safety Tips

Pallet rack beam capacities are pretty simple. They’re rated per pair for evenly distributed, properly-positioned loads. But upright capacities are more complex because their capacity is calculated on vertical beam spacing.

The largest vertical gap dictates the capacity, so be aware of tall loads, which can stress a rack more than a squat, heavy load because extra beams act as lateral support. Get these factors right, and your rack will be safe and stable.

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Working under pallet racking

Few warehouse operators have aggressive in-house rack inspection programs in place. Forklift accidents, collisions, dropped or misplaced loads, and other incidents that result in rack damage may or may not get promptly reported.