How to Secure Pallet Racking to the floor?

Pallet storage and pallet rack installation jobs require an experienced crew with the proper tools and equipment. Many people involved in pallet racking jobs don’t really know how to install a pallet rack. The installation needs to adhere to the design created by skilled engineers who took into account load levels, environmental considerations, building codes, and other important factors when designing the system.

How to secure pallet racking to the floor?

As complex as modern warehouse racking systems are, conveyor installation is a magnitude greater in both complexity and difficulty of installation or configuration. Larger conveyor installation jobs are jobs that should only be attempted by professionals. Many factors must all come together for a conveyor system to function properly and efficiently.

Warehouse racking codes
How to secure pallet racking to the floor?

How to secure pallet racking to the floor?

How to Anchor Pallet Racks to Concrete? … Pallet racks are essential to warehouses and retail centers, as well as to many industrial and commercial facilities. Regardless of the facility, all racks must be anchored for stability and security.

There are several common types of pallet racks available, with each type designed for specific functions.

  • The type of racking required depends on certain factors:
    • desired storage density
    • inventory rotation
    • storage design
  • Some types of pallet racks include:
    • selective
    • structural
    • push back
    • narrow

Once the type of pallet racking has been determined, a floor plan must be designed to allow for adequate aisle spacing. If the storage space requires a tighter configuration, then pallet racking designed for narrow aisles is available.

After the facility racking floor plan is designed and the racks are assembled, the decision to purchase the anchors to secure the racks to the concrete slab must be carefully considered.

How to secure pallet racking to the floor
How to secure pallet racking to the floor

Pallet rack anchoring standards

Warehouse racking codes

Standards for Securing Pallet Racks – warehouse racking codes:

The ANSI document contains recommendations for securing storage racks of various types and heights to increase their stability and decrease the chance they will be accidentally pushed or pulled over.

This is typically achieved by two means; first is to insert anchor bolts into the floor through holes in the base plates provided by the steel storage rack manufacturers. And second is to secure the racks to either the wall (if a single row is positioned along a wall) or to each other (if positioned back-to-back) to provide additional stability.

The exact means and methods to be used to secure shelves and racks are usually dictated by several factors, including but not limited to the height/base width ratio of the racks, whether or not the racks are loaded/unloaded with forklifts, and even if there is a potential for seismic activity in the area.

There are also methods discussed in the ANSI document for securing storage racks and shelves installed in different configurations, and for protecting them from damage caused by strikes from forklifts and other mobile equipment.

In addition, the recommended means and methods to secure storage racks are also typically included in the manufacturer’s information that accompanies the racks when purchased.

How to secure pallet racking to the floor
How to secure pallet racking to the floor

Standard pallet rack dimensions

Pallet rack safety measures – Standard pallet rack dimensions:

Before you construct your pallet racks, however, it is essential to consider safety measures that must be taken to ensure the well-being of workers. When installing new shelving, purchase additional safety accessories to prevent damage during the shelving’s installation and subsequent use.

When installing pallet racks, you must address several potential safety concerns to minimize risk and protect your business.

The first of these concerns is the layout of the warehouse where the company needs its industrial shelving.

Pallet rack anchoring requirements

Considering the type of inventory stocked, fulfillment rates, turnover, and other relevant factors are important when gauging safety accessory needs.

Safety guard rails are a popular choice for protection against layout-related accidents.

Another concern to take into account before construction is the protection of the pallet rack’s upright posts. You can accomplish this with a number of accessories designed to protect these weight-bearing columns from collision damage.

There are a large number of other safety options available, such as safety bars, backstop beams, rub rails, guide angles, et cetera. However, there is one safety accessory you should never neglect: Floor bolts.

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