Pulse oximeter for Medical Use

Pulse oximeter for Medical Use: There is research showing the economic benefits of using oximeters to monitor respiratory function and patient safety.

That’s because monitoring standards, including pulse oximetry, have been widely implemented.

Patients originating from the general care floor who experience respiratory events represent a significant financial burden for hospitals.

Fortunately, they have developed equipment accessible to hospitals and it has become common to treat respiratory problems.

It is important to evaluate patients and select the appropriate oximeter for those in your care. Costs can change depending on what suits your patient’s needs.

Currently, pulse oximeters can cost up to $ 20 per patient for disposable sensors and approximately $ 70 to $ 250 for reusable or continuous monitoring sensors. Here are more details:

  • In Hospitals, disposable sensors are the best option if you have a high turnover of patients such as in neonatology, ICU, or operating rooms.
  • There is a variety of disposable and special sensors to adapt to the different needs of patients.
  • With reusable sensors, you can sterilize and reuse them several times for random controls.
Pulse oximeter for Medical Use
Pulse oximeter for Medical Use

Global Pulse Oximeter Market

Home care captures people’s curiosity, primarily for affordability and budget-related reasons, and contributes significantly to the global pulse oximeter market, particularly in regions where reimbursement policies are weak.

It is also important to note that the demand for remote monitoring is increasing rapidly because constant monitoring is an expensive endeavor resulting in the growth of the pulse oximeter market.

Medical centers have reduced the risk of hospital readmissions by 76% and maintained patient satisfaction scores above 90% by providing patients with remote monitoring equipment.

According to a survey of 25 healthcare institutions, 38% of those following chronic disease patients reported lower income, while 17% indicated cost savings. These factors are expected to drive market growth.

The growing demand for pulse oximeters in healthcare facilities, home care, and remote patient management are early diagnostic tools to prevent further damage. This is a positive factor for the growth of the market.

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