Cotton Bandanas made in USA

Are bandanas 100 percent cotton?

Cotton Bandanas made in USA: This distinguishes cotton bandanas from the competition. Even after multiple years and washes, the fine fabric and vibrant colors stay intact and extremely comfortable.

Wick away sweat, wipe away stains, wear as an accessory. A bandana’s functional uses are infinite.

Traditionally, they fit in your pocket as a hanky can be tied around your head like a sweatband, and worn around your arm or neck.

When you find yourself in a crowd, use your colorful bandanas to single out members of your group, or single out your knapsack with a bandana.

Accessorize and add a bandana to your purse for a fashionable flair of individuality.

  • Dampen with water for a warm or cool compress.
  • Exercise and use the bandana as a sweatband.

Cotton bandana places such care into their product because you have asked for it. The quality of fabric and production is based on what customers have expressed.

Cotton Bandanas made in USA

100 cotton bandanas made in USA

These are your grandparent’s bandanas. They wore them in the fields, on horses, and made craft projects. They are the ONLY bandanas Made in the USA.

They are made from 100% cotton, 22″x22″ and printed on both sides. The more you wash them the softer they get. Every edge is sewn to reduce frays. The dye is lead-free and colorfast. Just wash in the laundry with like colors.

They hold history and tell your story. They wipe the sweat off your forehead, keep the dust from your mouth and symbolize the American frontier. Grab your bandana and get outside. America is waiting.

How to wear bandanas?

how to tie a bandana?

  • How big is big enough?
    The standard size for a bandana is 22 inches by 22 inches. That being said, if you have a smaller head or face, you may want to find a 20” by 20” or a 21” by 21”. That doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but it can be if you’re worried about it being too big.
  • What design do you want?
    The traditional paisley design is one of the easiest options to find when you’re looking for bandanas that you like. But, you can also find all sorts of other designs, especially if you go with a company that does their own screen printing. Shop around and see what ones you like!
  • What color do you want?
    Bandanas come in pretty much every color under the sun. Multicolor options are available as well.

It’s worth your time to have several American-made bandanas on hand. They’re really handy and affordable, so you want to browse for ones that you like and that is going to work for your needs.

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