IHealth PT3 Thermometer

There are plenty of ways to check someone’s body temperature, not all of them pleasant. If you’ve grown tired of using a traditional thermometer, it’s time to consider the iHealth PT3 thermometer.

The iHealth PT3 Thermometer is designed to quickly ascertain a temperature without even touching my kids. Does it actually work? Let’s see!!

The iHealth infrared Thermometer utilizes no-touch infrared technology to get an immediate temperature reading without having to touch the skin and possibly wake up a sleeping child.

IHealth PT3 Thermometer
IHealth PT3 Thermometer

IHealth no-touch digital forehead thermometer

So, how do you take someone’s temperature when you want them to rest? The answer is to use an infrared thermometer that doesn’t require that you actually make contact with them. The iHealth PT3 Infrared Forehead Thermometer is perfect for this sort of mission.

  • The iHealth PT3 Thermometer is an infrared thermometer that provides 1-second testing for current body temperature reading.
  • It features a high-precision, ultra-sensitive infrared sensor that measures IR energy emitted from a person’s forehead.
  • It collects more than 100 data points per second.
  • It’s a safe, hygienic way to capture someone’s temperature with its no-touch design.
  • There is a gentle vibration alert that happens when a reading has been completed, which replaces annoying beeps that usually accompany temperature readings.
  • It has an LED-backlit display that is easily readable at night or in the dark.
  • The PT3 also has a built-in distance sensor and environmental sensor to help avoid invalid measurements.

IHealth Thermometer pt3 review

  • The iHealth PT3 comes in a pretty standard box.
  • There is an image of the product on the front with the name and basic description printed above it.
  • I’m rather fond of iHealth’s brand colors – orange and white – because it makes it easy to spot their products on a shelf.
  • It’s also very clean and matches with a perception of high technology.
  • I really like that most of the main details are shown on the box. One of my favorite features of this thermometer is that it does ‘not’ work with an app.
  • I know that a lot of people would prefer that functionality, but for something like this, I just want a quick, easy to read device and the PT3 does that for me.
IHealth PT3 Thermometer
IHealth PT3 Thermometer

IHealth thermometer instructions

I’ve used some of those other models that pair with an app and as nice as they are for documenting a fever/symptoms progression through illness, sometimes you don’t want to wait on a phone to go through its processes.

When you have a sick child that just wants to rest, the last thing you want to do is say, “Hang on a second, honey. The app is connecting.” That’s why I like iHealth PT3. It provides a quick accurate temperature reading without disturbing the patient.

Another feature I’m quite fond of is the fact that there is no annoying beep when the reading is complete. You simply press the reading button and hold it until the thermometer vibrates.

Then you read the temperature on the display. That’s it. The only thing I wish this thermometer did was to have a rechargeable battery. I don’t really like that after a certain amount of use, you will be left with dead batteries. I’d much rather have a rechargeable version that you could pair with a charging dock so that it always remains charged and ready to use.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, I was quite surprised at the performance of this thermometer when I tested and compared it to my usual daily use thermometer. For the price, I honestly expected erratic readings but they were very close and consistent. The thermometer is made of plastic, and I only tested it for one month, so I will post an update if anything changes. But for now, it works.

IHealth PT3 Thermometer
IHealth PT3 Thermometer

IHealth pt3 thermometer amazon

Popular thermometers with Amazon Prime shipping were tough to find for a while due to the novel pandemic, but the best of them all is finally back: iHealth PT3 Thermometer.

  • It’s often referred to as the “iPhone of forehead thermometers” because it features a terrific minimal design that’s sleek and easy to use.
  • All you have to do is hold it near your forehead or near someone else’s forehead and press one button — an accurate temperature reading will then be displayed on the screen in less than a second.

When it comes to low-tech tools that help us fight the novel pandemic, everyone knows about the two most important things.

  • First and foremost, you need to wear a face mask at all times when you’re not inside your home.
  • Second, you need a strong hand sanitizer.
  • There are also some high-tech tools that you should definitely have on hand in the age of the pandemic.
    • The first is a pulse oximeter, which is a fantastic device to have on hand if you’re exhibiting some symptoms but you’re not certain if you have the flu. This little device measures the oxygen level in your blood which should be somewhere between 95% and 100% when you’re healthy.
    • Some fever patients have been found with readings as low as 50%, and anything under 90% is considered by most hospitals to be unhealthy.

IHealth thermometer amazon

Finally, you definitely need a good thermometer that’s accurate and can deliver fast temperature readings. The iHealth PT3 Thermometer is the best-selling model on Amazon and it’s finally back in stock.

What’s more, there’s a discount and a coupon available if you hurry. Regularly checking for a fever is considered by many to be even more important than reading blood oxygen levels, so definitely grab an iHealth thermometer before they sell out again.

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