How to use Forehead Thermometer?

How to use Forehead Thermometer? The No-Touch Forehead Thermometer seems like a must-have for any household, especially right now. The thermometer is so popular that several million units have been sold in 2020.

While infrared thermometers being used right now are a way of ensuring contactless access, they aren’t the most accurate tool for detecting temperature. No-contact thermometers used to scan multitudes of people by the heat radiating from the forehead have the potential for mass deployment, but the odds of them working are pretty unsatisfactory, if not used correctly.

How to use non contact infrared thermometer?

Non-contact infrared thermometers are incredibly simple to use when accounting for nearby objects and a particular material’s emissivity. Here is a step by step guide for how to operate a non-contact thermometer effectively for an accurate temperature reading:

  • Power on the thermometer gun and hold the trigger until the laser appears
  • Once the laser is emitted from the thermometer, point it in the direction of the object you are measuring and hold the end of the laser stable in a precise, center location
  • Continue holding down the thermometer’s trigger while it reads the object’s temperature
  • Once the temperature has been read, the thermometer will display this reading on the screen for you to record or take note of
  • Power off the thermometer device after use

How to check fever with digital thermometer?

The person using the device should strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for use for the specific non-contact infrared thermometers being used. In particular, the following are typical instructions for infrared thermometers usage.

  • Hold the non-contact infrared thermometers sensing area perpendicular to the forehead and instruct the person to remain stationary during measurements. (See Figure 1)
  • The distance between the non-contact infrared thermometers and forehead is specific to each infrared thermometer. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for correct measurement distances.
  • Do not touch the sensing area of the non-contact infrared thermometers and keep the sensor clean and dry.
Figure 1: How to check fever with digital thermometer?

How to prevent cross infection?

The most important low-tech tool you need during the novel pandemic is a face mask. Always remember to wear a face mask at all times when you’re not inside your home.

Amazon’s best-selling face masks are on sale right now for just 50¢ each, and you can get FDA-authorized KN95 face masks on sale right now for higher-risk situations like being indoors around other people or riding public transportation.

You also need a strong hand sanitizer. On top of that, there are a few high-tech tools that you should have on hand in the age of the pandemic.

The first is a pulse oximeter, which is a fantastic device to have on hand if you’re exhibiting some symptoms but you’re not certain if you have the flu or fever. This little device measures the oxygen saturation level in your blood which should be somewhere between 95% and 100% when you’re healthy.

Some patients have been found with readings as low as 50%, and anything under 90% is considered to be unhealthy.

The other high-tech tool you should have is just as important as a pulse oximeter: you definitely need a good thermometer that’s accurate and can deliver fast temperature readings.

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