IHealth Thermometer Reviews

IHealth Thermometer Reviews: IHealth Thermometer PT3 is an infrared No-Touch forehead thermometer that displays body temperature reading within 1 second. With a built-in distance sensor and environmental sensor, it avoids chances of invalid measurement and makes adjustments for accurate readings.

This product mainly uses IR temperature sensing of the forehead to measure human body temperature. Can be used for babies, children, and adults. Babies and children should not operate the thermometer on their own. Body temperature readings for babies and children should be taken by an adult.

Reminder: Temperature readings may differ according to measurement distance.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews
IHealth Thermometer Reviews

How to use IHealth thermometer

  • Just in 3 steps! *
    1. Step-1 Aim the thermometer probe at the center of the forehead from less than 1.18 in (3cm) away.
    2. Step-2 Gently press the measurement button to begin the test.
    3. Step-3 The thermometer vibrates noiselessly once the reading is complete.

*All users of the iHealth PT3 No-Touch Thermometer should strictly follow the device manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for use. Please read the manual before using the product.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews
IHealth Thermometer Reviews

IHealth thermometer review

Be informed about the health of your family by having a quick and easy-to-use thermometer handy, especially during this time of crisis. The iHealth Infrared No-Touch Forehead Thermometer lets you measure the temperature of all your family members without having to run to the sink and wash between uses.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews – It also has a host of other features that make this a necessity in every home:

  • High-precision infrared sensor technology: Ultra-sensitive infrared sensors measure IR energy emitted from the forehead and collect more than 100 data points.
  • Fast & easy testing: Hold. Aim. Press. See your reading in a single second.
  • Gentle vibrations: Gentle vibration alerts let you know when the measurement is complete, meaning no annoying beeps that wake up a sleeping child.
  • Safe & hygienic: A non-touch design collects information without any contact, helping to prevent the spreading of infection.
  • Readable at night: Clean, white LED-backlit display lets you see your measurements, even in the dark.
  • Adaptive sensors: Built-in distance and environmental sensors adapt as needed to prevent invalid measurements and improve measurement accuracy.
  • FDA Cleared: This thermometer is an FDA Cleared measurement device
IHealth Thermometer Reviews
IHealth Thermometer Reviews

IHealth thermometer accuracy

The infrared sensor technology used in this thermometer is one of the most accurate among infrared thermometers. Accuracy is within ±0.4℉ (see more in product specifications below). The infrared temperature measuring technology, in general, is less accurate than traditional contact thermometers.

  • Measurements and Accuracy
    • Measurement Distance: ≤1.18in (3cm)
    • Measurement Range: 89.6-109.2℉ (32-42.9℃)
    • Measurement Precision: ±0.4℉ within 95℉ – 107.6℉ and ±0.5℉ for temperatures outside those ranges
    • Clinical Reproducibility: Within ±0.5℉

IHealth thermometer manual

Thermometer readings should be regarded as a reference. Do not attempt self-diagnostics or self-treatment using the temperature readings. Please seek professional medical advice when necessary.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews:

  • There is no absolute standard for human body temperature.
  • Knowing your own normal body temperature range is important to accurately determine if you have a fever.
  • Make sure that the forehead of the subject is free from sweat, cosmetics, dirt, or grease before measuring.
  • Patients should not drink, eat, or be physically active before/while taking a reading. Wait 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Temperature readings taken when a body is in a state of stable equilibrium is more accurate and useful as a reference.
  • Do not take temperature measurements over scar tissue, open sores, or abrasions.
  • Do not measure body temperature from scar tissues on the forehead as such tissues will affect temperature conduction of the body.

IHealth thermometer change to fahrenheit

  • If there is a temperature difference between the thermometer storage area and the new ambient environment around the subject, please let the thermometer sit within the new environment for 30 minutes before taking the measurement.
  • Do not measure body temperature immediately after consuming a drug that raises body temperature. The temperature readings taken at this time will not be accurate.
  • It is normal for readings taken from continuous measurements to fluctuate within a small range. During continuous measurements, the subject’s body temperature may be transmitted to the thermometer, affecting measurement accuracy. We recommend taking only up to 3 continuous readings within a short period.
  • Do not directly face the sun or an air outlet of an air conditioning or radiator device during the measurement as this will cause changes to the forehead temperature. Measurements should be taken in a stable environment where possible.
  • Do not measure body temperature in an environment with strong EM interference (examples include places close to a working microwave, induction cooker, or cellphone in-use) as EM interference may cause errors in the reading or even device failure.
  • This product should be considered a personal device. Clean and sanitize the product properly to prevent cross-contamination.
  • To clean a dirty thermometer probe, gently swipe the probe using a cotton swab dipped in 75% alcohol. Let the cleaned thermometer sit for at least 15 minutes before taking more measurements.
  • This infrared thermometer meets requirements established in ASTM Standard (E1965-98)
IHealth Thermometer Reviews
IHealth Thermometer Reviews

IHealth PT3 review

3 Ultra-sensitive sensors built-in deliver more reliable results and ultimate safety for the end-users. An Ultra-sensitive infrared sensor collects more than 100 data points per second from the forehead. The additional distance and environmental sensors make necessary adjustments to give you accurate readings.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews:

  • This product is a precision device. Return the product to its original packaging for proper storage after use. To ensure accurate measurements, avoid the device or probe contacting any liquid or droplets. Avoid tiny particles (such as dust or powder) falling into the probe.
  • Avoid dropping or subjecting the product to external forces. Do not disassemble or re-assemble the product on your own.
  • Do not directly touch the probe with your fingers or blow on it. Measurements taken using a damaged or dirty IR probe may be inaccurate.
  • Keep the product at a place inaccessible to children to prevent children from swallowing the batteries or small parts.
  • Do not throw the thermometer or batteries into re to prevent explosions.
  • Remove the batteries from the thermometer if the device will not be used for more than one month.
  • If you are allergic to plastic/rubber, please don’t use this device.
  • The materials (ABS, TPU, metal) of expecting contact with the patient had passed the ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 standards test, no toxicity, allergy, and irritation reaction. They are in compliance with the MDD requirements. Based on current science and technology, other potential allergic reactions are unknown.

IHealth thermometer instructions

Normal body temperature range:

  • Body temperature varies from person to person and fluctuates during the course of the day. For this reason, it is suggested to know one’s normal, healthy forehead temperature to correctly determine the temperature.
  • Body temperature runs approximately from 95.9°F to100°F (35.5℃-37.8℃). To determine if one has a fever, compare the temperature detected with the person’s normal temperature.
  • Rise over the reference body temperature of 1°F(1℃) or more is generally an indication of fever. Different measurement sites(rectal, axillary, oral, frontal, auricular) will give different readings. Therefore it is wrong to compare the measurement taken from different sites.
How to work ihealth thermometer?

Infrared thermometers are useful in measuring temperature across a range of clinical environments. These non-contact temperature measurement devices function well in circumstances where the object is fragile and dangerous to get near to, or when other kinds of thermometers are not practical.
Infrared thermometers utilize the concept of infrared radiation to determine the surface temperature of objects without any physical contact.

IHealth thermometer price

Helping for preventing the spread of flu and other viruses, it looks like something they might use on the Enterprise.

Still, using one of those old under-the-tongue mercury thermometers? The Stone Age called and they want that thing back. Because it’s 2020 and we have Star-wars level science at our disposal!

This thing looks all kinds of amazing. Just point it at a forehead (no need to actually touch it) and push a button. In about a second you get a reading on its large LED display.

IHealth Thermometer Reviews
IHealth Thermometer Reviews

IHealth Thermometer Case

Hard Protective Travel Case for IHealth Thermometer – Only Case

  • Well made case: Durable and smooth 360° two-way zipper with delicate stitching, convenient for you to put in and out the case.
  • Hardshell with Waterproof and Shockproof material. Soft inner flannel texture preventing shock and pressure. Extending your product service life, protect your product a new life.
  • Safety Guarantee: Hard Material is Shockproof Dustproof and Waterproof to protect your iHealth No Touch Forehead Thermometer from impacts and splashes

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IHealth Thermometer Instructions

Instructions for IHealth thermometer: Digital thermometer readings should be regarded as a reference. Do not attempt self-diagnostics or self-treatment using the temperature readings.

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