Construction Machinery Sales

The Liebherr Group recorded a turnover of $11.85 billion, an increase of 7.5 percent or $830 million compared to the previous year.

Sales of construction and mining equipment increased by 10.8% to ($ 7,730 million). The best results in this segment were mobile cranes, earthmoving and mining.

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Europe saw higher demand, especially with renewed growth in Germany and positive performance in France and the United Kingdom, Liebherr said.

Other notable positive contributors were the United States, Australia, and China. The net profit ($ 361 million) was slightly higher than the previous year.

The fluctuation of the exchange rate had a negative impact on the financial result, the company said. Throughout the year, another 2,300 employees increased the workforce worldwide to 46,169. An investment of ($ 658 million) was made in research and development, mainly for new products.

The production, sales and service facilities received an investment of ($ 931 million), an increase of ($ 57 million) compared to the previous year.

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Looking ahead, Liebherr expects a further increase in sales revenue, with no signs of an imminent recession.

In a joint statement, Liebherr board members said: “We can look forward to the next financial year with great confidence. According to the latest projections, the rise in the global economy is expected to continue.

We start the year with a good order book and plan to launch numerous new products and solutions to the market. In light of all these factors, we expect to see higher revenue growth, and it is very likely that our workforce will continue to grow. “

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Worldwide equipment sales reached a record

Global sales of construction equipment reached a record high of 1.1 million units, with a retail value of approximately US $ 110 billion, according to data provided by construction specialists.

This eclipsed the most recent highs of 2011, the peak of the Chinese stimulus spending boom, and 2007.

Continuing with the trend observed, there was a generalized improvement in equipment sales worldwide last year, with increases in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Chinese construction equipment

In China, sales of construction equipment, including mobile cranes, grew by 37%.

This followed the 81% increase and took the market to 343,817 units. This was the highest demand for equipment in China since 2012 and established the country once again as the largest market in the world.

India also had a remarkable year. Sales of construction equipment, including mobile cranes, grew by 35%, the third consecutive year of robust growth.

This brought the market to a record high of 98,204 units, approximately 44% above the previous maximum in 2011, and more than double the demand observed only three years earlier during the cyclical point of 2014 and 2015.

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Meanwhile, sales in Western Europe reached their highest level for a decade, with a 10% increase to 177,694 units.

Demand increased in 14 of the 15 largest markets in the region, with particularly good sales in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The only time the German market has been so strong was at the height of the post-reunification construction boom of the early 1990s.

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Heavy machinery for sale in the United States

Equipment sales in North America also improved last year, with the growth of 13% bringing demand to about 195,500 units.

The only disappointment among the largest markets in the world last year was Japan, where sales fell 5% to 63,700 machines.

While this year is likely to represent the peak of the current cycle, specialists predict only a moderate decline in global demand this year. Sales are expected to remain above one million units, which would be only the fourth year in the history that is achieved.

The outlook for the next few years is for demand to remain at good levels. However, this bright outlook could be threatened by unexpected political and economic events.

The main results of the new data and forecasts will be discussed at next year’s briefing.

Heavy machinery for sale in the United States

Online construction equipment auctions

Are you in need of construction equipment for your new or existing construction business?

If so, finding affordable machinery can be next to impossible. However, if you are open to considering the benefits of used construction equipment, you may be able to save some money to invest in other areas of the business. If you are interested in lowering startup costs for your construction business, keep reading below to learn the best places to shop online for used construction equipment and heavy machinery.

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Machine Finder is another great place to find construction equipment for sale online. This service helps you locate used construction equipment from all over the country. You can use MachineFinder to search dealer inventory for used construction equipment like motor graders, 4WD loaders, crawler dozers and more. All of the offerings on the site are certified pre-owned. You can rest assured that any heavy equipment you purchase from MachineFinder is of the utmost quality and will not require constant repairs. If you want to be certain your used construction machinery is safe and reliable, consider shopping on the MachineFinder website.

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Construction equipment auctions

If you own a construction business, you know that buying heavy machinery and other equipment is outrageously expensive. However, you can stay under budget by shopping for used construction equipment online.

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How do I sell heavy equipment?

How do I sell heavy equipment?

You have heavy equipment or trucks to sell, and, like most equipment sellers, you want top dollar. Considering most heavy equipment demands a significant outlay of cash to purchase initially and to maintain indefinitely, who wouldn’t? So it only seems reasonable to want to recoup a fair amount of your investment when it comes time to sell.
Whether you are selling one item or a fleet of equipment, take some advice from us.
We know the equipment, we know equipment buyers and we know what it takes to strike the best deal. Take a look at our top 10 list of tips for selling heavy equipment and trucks.

1. Know what your equipment is worth
2. Research selling methods
3. Go to a pro
4. Show the value of your equipment
5. Target buyers wisely
6. Be transparent
7. Screen buyers
8. Take advantage of tax breaks
9. Minimize uncertainty
10. Establish a relationship for future deals

Where can I sell construction equipment?

You can sell construction equipment through various platforms, including online marketplaces, auction sites, and specialized equipment dealerships. Popular options include:
Online Marketplaces: Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to reach a broad audience.
Equipment Auction Sites: Ritchie Bros., IronPlanet, and MachineryTrader offer auction services where you can list and sell your equipment to the highest bidder.
Specialized Dealerships: Contact local and national construction equipment dealers who may buy your equipment directly or sell it on consignment.
Industry-Specific Websites: Platforms like Equipment Trader, Rock & Dirt, and My Little Salesman specialize in listing construction equipment for sale.
Classified Ads: Place ads in industry magazines, local newspapers, and online classified sites dedicated to construction and heavy equipment.
Social Media and Forums: Utilize industry-specific social media groups and forums to connect with potential buyers.
Each option has its own advantages, so consider your priorities in terms of speed, price, and convenience when choosing where to sell your construction equipment.

How do I become a heavy equipment operator?

Becoming a heavy equipment operator typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Some type of training from a vocational school would also be a plus in landing your first gig. Most heavy equipment operators begin their careers operating lighter equipment under the supervision of a more experienced operator.

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