Braun NTF3000 digital No touch Forehead Thermometer

Forehead thermometer with both no touch and touch functions. Designed with convenience in mind, it allows you to take a measurement in only a couple of seconds by aiming in the middle of the forehead, in between the eyebrows.

Braun NTF3000 digital No touch Forehead Thermometer:

  • Quick & Easy, no struggle or stress
  • No touch mode
  • Touch mode
  • Colour-coded temperature guidance
  • Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings
  • Backlight for night time reading
  • Clinically-proven accuracy
  • Positioning guidance system

Braun no touch Forehead Thermometer

A Braun NTF3000 digital No touch Forehead Thermometer:

This thermometer is intended for household use only. The use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician.

Temperature elevation may signal a serious illness, especially in newborns and infants, or in adults who are old, frail, or have a weakened immune system.

  • Please seek professional advice immediately when there is a temperature elevation and if you are taking the temperature on:
    • Neonates and infants under 3 months (Consult your physician immediately if the temperature exceeds 99.4°F)
    • Patients Over 60 years of age (Fever may be blunted or absent in older patients)
    • Patients having diabetes mellitus or a weakened immune system (e.g., HIV positive, cancer treatment, chronic steroid treatment, post-surgery)
    • Patients who are bedridden (e.g., nursing home patient, stroke, chronic illness, recovering from surgery)
    • A transplant patient (e.g., liver, heart, lung, kidney)

This thermometer is not intended for pre-term babies or light-for date babies.
This thermometer is not intended to interpret hypothermic temperatures.

Do not allow children below 12 years to take their temperatures unattended.
Please consult your doctor if you see symptoms such as unexplained irritability, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, changes in appetite or activity, seizure, muscle pain, shivering, stiff neck, pain when urinating, etc., even in the absence of fever.

Even in the absence of fever, those who exhibit a normal temperature may still need to receive medical attention. People who are on medication should not be assessed solely on temperature readings to determine the severity of their illness.

Do not modify this equipment without the authorization of the manufacturer.

Braun ntf3000 review

Why Braun No touch + forehead thermometer?

  • Measurement in under 2 seconds: The innovative infrared technology measures forehead temperature in under 2 seconds, whether you use the touch or no-touch option.
  • Accurate and reliable: Due to the unique technology, the Braun No touch + forehead thermometer captures the heat naturally given off by the forehead to calculate the temperature. Get the same professional accuracy whether touching your child’s forehead with the thermometer or holding it up to 2 inches (5 cm) away.
  • Easy to use: The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer is non-invasive. A measurement can be taken even while a child is sleeping. The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer is less threatening to a child than a rectal thermometer and easier to use than other methods.
  • Safe and hygienic: No-touch option helps minimize the spreading of germs. Safe for use on children and adults
  • Braun ntf3000 manual
    1. Power button
    2. Temperature button
    3. LCD display
    4. Scanner
    5. Silemt mode switch
    6. Battery door
    7. Guidance light
    8. Protective cap

Braun forehead thermometer instructions

How does Braun No touch + forehead work?

The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer measures infrared energy radiated from the skin at the center of the forehead area. This captured energy (which is twice as much thermal energy compared to a traditional forehead thermometer: A traditional forehead product without any optical system to capture radiated heat), is collected through the sensor and converted to an oral equivalent temperature value.

The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used in accordance with its operating instruction manual.

How to use your Braun No touch + forehead

How to use your Braun No touch + forehead:

  1. Remove cap
    • Remove cap
  2. Power on
    • Press and release the power button once. The backlight will come on and the start-up sequence starts
  3. Ready
    • When the device is ready and correctly positioned, a horizontal line of dashes (“—”) will appear on the screen.
  4. Position
    • Position devise on or up to 2 inches (5 cm) away from the center of the forehead, just between the eyebrows. For no-touch readings, the yellow guidance light will show you where you are aiming. If the eyebrow area is covered with hair, sweat, or dirt, please clean the area and then wait 10 minutes to improve the reading accuracy.
      It is important to hold the thermometer and the forehead steady during measurement. The movement will impact the temperature reading.
  5. Take temperature
    • Press the temperature button (you can press and hold the button or press and release it). When the device is placed correctly, the screen displays a dashed line animation while it takes a reading. After the animation sequence (under 2 seconds), the display shows the temperature. The appropriate backlight color is displayed on the screen and the confirmation beep is heard.
      If the device is positioned too far away from the forehead, it will prompt you to move closer by displaying the letters “FWD.” Slowly move the device toward the forehead until the dashed line animation starts and a reading is displayed.
  6. Read temperature
    • Remove the device and read the temperature. For no backlight and green backlight readings, you will hear a single long beep for 2 seconds. For yellow and red backlight readings, you will hear 10 short beeps. To repeat Go to step 4.
  7. To turn off
    • Press the power button to turn off. The device will also shut off automatically after 60 seconds of no us

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