Medical Grade Thermometer

It has become an iconic image: a masked official aiming what appears to be a small white pistol at a person’s forehead.

“Every household should have a thermometer on hand, and it’s more important now than ever before”

The medical-grade non-contact infrared thermometer offers instant temperature readings in less than a second without the need for physical contact, if you test correctly and your infrared thermometer is accurate.

It’s the best way to avoid risking the spread of germs while keeping each other safe and healthy.

The medical-grade thermometer features a large-screen HD LCD display that clearly gives simple instant readings, one-click measurements, and automatic power-saving shut down after a few seconds of inactivity.

Most importantly, it’s incredibly easy and convenient to use. When you’re not checking someone in your household’s temperature, you can turn it to Object Mode, for the wide range, to measure the temperature of objects like a cup of coffee.

Medical Grade Thermometer
Medical Grade Thermometer

Professional medical thermometer

An infrared thermometer in the USA – Professional medical thermometer:

For weeks, this ominous-looking device has been deployed at checkpoints, tollbooths, apartment complexes, hotels, grocery stores, train stations — as government officials and private citizens screen people for fevers in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sometimes described as a “professional medical thermometer” the device is equipped with an infrared sensor that can quickly measure surface temperature without making any contact with a person’s skin.

In recent months, it has become an important tool for countries scrambling to contain viral outbreaks.

Medical Grade Thermometer
Medical Grade Thermometer

Medical grade forehead thermometer

A host of companies make medical-grade thermometers, which has become more expensive as demand has increased from both government and private customers like schools and factories. “Even the governments are fighting for the products among themselves,” noting that prices had climbed to three to five times the usual level. “Local governments want to guarantee their own needs first.”

Typically, infrared thermometers are used to monitor people. “Infrared Thermometer is used for rapid detection only and is not as accurate as Medical thermometers.”

  • Here is a list of medical thermometers for use at home:
    • Fora medical grade thermometer
    • Amplim Medical Thermometer
    • Thermobio Thermometer
    • Amplim 2021 thermometer
    • Berrcom thermometer
    • Exergen thermometer
    • Braun Thermometer
    • Kinsa Thermometer
Medical Grade Thermometer
Medical Grade Thermometer

Fora medical grade thermometer

Fora thermometer ir42

ForaCare Inc. is a healthcare technology company dedicated to the design and development of medical devices and telehealth software as a means to provide a complete chronic disease management solution.

Clinically Validated Accuracy: The FORA FocusTemp IR42 has excelled in the clinical accuracy tests, which are specified by two characteristics: Clinical bias with its standard deviation, and clinical repeatability.

  • Fora thermometer specifications:
    • Three measurement mode: Adult / Children / Surface
    • One-Touch Measurement: Fast and accurate results in one second
    • Data Storage: Memory stores up to 30 readings for easy recall
    • Fever Indicator: High-Temperature Alarm with Red Back-light
    • Temperature is given in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Amplim Medical Thermometer

Amp1701 Thermometer

Amplim thermometer is a high-quality product incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. With its unique technology, this device can provide a stable, heat-interference-free reading with each measurement. The device performs a self-test every time it is switched on to always guarantee the specified accuracy of any measurement.

This Amplim medical-grade thermometer is intended for the periodic measurement and monitoring of human body temperature. This thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used in accordance with the operating instruction manual. Please read through these instructions carefully in order for you to understand all functions and safety information.

  • Amplim thermometer specifications:
    • The latest most accurate instant-read noncontact IR / infrared thermometer for adults, kids, and toddlers also approved for measuring liquid (baby bottle), objects, surface, and room temp.
    • Ultra-fast reading by a super precision temperature sensor.
    • Large, quick, and easy to read color-coded smart LCD:
      • Green for normal, and
      • Red for elevated and high human body/head fever temperatures.
    • Medical and hospital rated health device to care for sick, fever, flu or cold

Medical grade infrared thermometer

Just because an infrared tool says someone has a high temperature does not mean the person is sick, let alone carrying the virus. “They could have been exercising,” said an expert on infrared devices. The growing demand for medical-grade thermometer guns and infrared cameras that can detect fevers has caused shortages across the world.

Medical grade thermometers (infrared thermometers) are popular among pediatricians, as kids often squirm around when trying to get a temperature read.

Thermobio Thermometer

Thermobio thermometer

Superior performance provided by the latest smart chip that uses an optimized algorithm to ensure that the 3 ultra-sensitive sensors accurately measure your temperature to deliver accurate results hygienically, faster, safer, and more reliable.

Lifetime and reliability tests have shown our IR Forehead Thermometer to last over 1,000 hours of use.

User-friendly features include a 30-second auto power-off function to save power, memory storage function to save up to 32 measurements for quick access, a switch between measuring object or body temperature, a sound switch, and a fever alert system.

  • The Thermobio Thermometer PROFESSIONAL is a clinical-grade infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact
  • Temperature-taking is fast, safe, simple, accurate, hygienic, reliable and does not disturb the patient
  • No probe covers required, no storage space needed

Amplim Thermometer

Amplim 2021 thermometer

Non-Contact Touchless Infrared Digital Thermometer. Our contactless thermometers do more than just give temperature readings. Each thermometer comes with special features such as an audible fever alarm, dual Celsius and Fahrenheit settings, and memory that allows you to store the temperatures of up to 32 past readings.

As medical-grade devices, our thermometers are ideal for nurses and healthcare professionals who demand the most precise and reliable equipment.

In fact, our devices are some of the most hygienic and accurate thermometers available to the public.

This thermometer is intended for scanning individuals or monitoring an individual for potentially elevated temperatures. It is not a substitute for a clinical thermometer. Always use a clinical thermometer when high accuracy body temperature measurements are required.

  • Amplim 2021 thermometer specifications:
    • Safe for everyone, non-invasive, contactless.
    • More comfortable, hygienic, easier to use than oral thermometers. Ideal for adults, babies, children or infants. Thermometer for babies or adults.
    • Audible alarm sounds at body or head temperature with fever.
    • Elegant design.
    • High quality, trusted American company, meets standards and regulations, factory tested, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Medical grade temporal thermometer

In theory, the medical-grade thermometers, as well as more complex cameras that can also measure the heat coming off a person, allow local officials to quickly determine who may have a fever and then pull those people aside for further testing.

The medical grade thermometer (Temporal thermometer) is an infrared device designed for non-invasive assessment of body temperature by scanning the temporal artery.

Berrcom thermometer

Berrcom thermometer jxb-178

The JXB-178 non-contact thermometer is designed to produce an instant forehead temperature in the temporal artery region of the forehead. The temporal artery is close to the surface of the skin and provides a quick and accurate measurement of an individual’s body temperature. The efficiency, speed, and comfort of taking temperature from this area make it ideal compared with other temperature methods.

Exergen thermometer

Exergen TaT 2000

The TemporalScanner Thermometer is a totally non-invasive system with advanced infrared technology providing maximum ease of use with quick, consistently accurate measurements. Advanced, patented technology measures temperatures with a gentle stroke across the forehead.

  • Exergen thermometer specifications:
    • Light-duty professional model intended for school nurses, nursing homes, and other occasional-use clinical settings
    • Very accurate temperature measurement
    • Non-invasive, so fast, safe and comfortable for the patient
    • More sustainable use of cover is optional.
    • Supported by over 80 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies.

Medical grade ear thermometer

The medical grade thermometers determine temperature by measuring the heat emanating from the surface of a person’s body. Often, however, those wielding the tools don’t hold them close enough to the subject’s forehead, generating unusually low-temperature readings, or hold them too close and get a high reading.

Braun Thermometer

Braun thermoscan 7 digital ear thermometer

A real all-rounder! In addition to ear and forehead measurement, the thermometer can also determine surface temperatures. It is of great medical importance to measure body temperature. The reason is that a number of diseases are accompanied by characteristic changes in body temperature.

Likewise, the course of certain diseases can be monitored by measuring body temperature, and the efficiency of a treatment initiated can be evaluated by the physician. Fever is a reaction to disease-specific stimuli, where the set point of the temperature control center is varied to promote the body’s defenses against the disease process.

  • Braun thermometer specifications:
    • #1 Brand most used and most recommended by pediatricians
    • Age Precision® Technology for age-adjustable fever guidance
    • Color-coded display for easy interpretation of results
    • Patented pre-warmed tip ensures accuracy
    • ExacTemp® guidance system function
    • Light & beep alert for accurate positioning
    • Front panel display with night light
    • Stores the last 9 temperature readings

Kinsa Thermometer

kinsa smart ear thermometer

FDA-cleared for professional accuracy, the pediatrician-recommended Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer is as reliable as other leading digital thermometers but does much more. Kinsa offers personalized guidance on how & when to soothe symptoms, take meds, and call the doctor.

With no batteries that can die, Kinsa is the last thermometer you’ll ever buy and makes a thoughtful and much-appreciated gift for adults with and without children. This smart thermometer takes accurate oral, rectal, and underarm temperature readings in a form factor that is light, comfortable, portable, and easy to use. And it keeps each family member’s health details in your pocket for you or your pediatrician

Professional medical thermometer in USA

Thousands of miles from the heart of the outbreak, a small technology supplier in Texas, has also been feeling the crush of demand. The company makes high-tech imaging equipment, professional medical grade thermometer as well as infrared thermometers, which cost $25 apiece.

In a normal month, the company sells about 100 infrared cameras, according to its chief executive. Since January, the company has sold more than 1,000, supplying schools, cruise ships, factories, offices, hospitals, and theaters in countries like China and South Korea.

The company’s cameras and thermometer guns have a margin of error of 0.1 to 0.2 degrees Celsius, but many products on the market are less reliable.

During past outbreaks, some checkpoints have used cameras or thermometer guns that were designed for industrial purposes, like measuring the temperature of a vehicle, rather than finely calibrated medical tools.

  • “If you’re going to use the technology, you have to come at it with the proper equipment”
  • “What we saw during the SARS outbreak is people were quick to pick up industrial instruments.”

Even a perfectly precise temperature sensor would not necessarily catch everyone carrying the virus. Infected people can take several days to develop a fever. And travelers who already have a fever might take Tylenol to suppress their symptoms, sometimes in a deliberate effort to deceive the authorities.

“Because of the inaccuracy of a lot of the systems being sold out there, people are missed, and then the infection spreads,” he said. “It’s a very real situation, and I feel like I’m right in the middle of it.”

Insufficiency of professional medical thermometer

An essential tool in the fight against viruses has straight-up disappeared from retail shelves at the worst possible time. No, we’re not talking about toilet paper or hand sanitizer. We’re talking about thermometers. With stock either gone or close to it at retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, medical-grade thermometers are an especially hot item right now.

While your typical run-of-the-mill oral thermometer is still a tough find, all is not lost. You can grab this no-contact, medical-grade, infrared thermometer and take temperature readings in less than a second.

Infrared temperature-takers like these are being used at hospitals around the country, as well as at companies like Walmart and Amazon, to screen employees upon entry, as they give simple, instant readings without any need to make physical contact. While it’s not a foolproof way of detecting the virus, temperature-taking is a simple and safe way to let folks know if they’re showing symptoms.

This professional medical thermometer features a large-screen HD LCD display, one-click measurement, a preset option that allows you to set alarms for a certain temperature, and even an object mode to detect the temperature of things like liquids, foods, and more.

You simply hover it close to a person’s forehead and it reads temperature by focusing light that is coming from the forehead in the form of IR rays and funneling that light into the detector. Since you don’t actually have to touch the person or object for a reading, you avoid contamination.

What is a medical-grade thermometer?

A medical thermometer is a medical device used to measure and display body temperature. This measurement can help diagnose when a patient has a fever, a symptom of many diseases or infections. There are different ways to take a patient’s temperature and several types of thermometers.

What is the best medical thermometer?

The medical thermometer is a staple of the home medicine cabinet. But with so many types on the market, how do you choose the right one? Good question!
We have selected the outstanding key features and aspects to consider before choosing yours.
Design: We looked for thermometers that don’t complicate things when you’re looking for clarity. It should be intuitive and easy to use.
Speed: You’re sick, or someone you love is sick. You want to know if there’s a fever, and you want to know now so you can take the next steps.
Easy use: You shouldn’t have to turn on a spotlight or squint hard to read a thermometer.
Accuracy: What’s the point if you can’t trust the reading?

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Brands of medical-grade Thermometer

In 2020, the outbreak of the sale of thermometers has created a favorable impact on the market, as the demand for infrared medical thermometers has increased significantly.

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