Cyberpunk Poem

In neon-lit streets where shadows dance,
Beneath the smoggy sky’s dystopian trance,
A world awakens, electric and alive,
Where dreams and wires entangle and thrive.

Data streams whisper in the digital haze,
Secrets encrypted, a clandestine maze,
Hackers in masks, their fingers ablaze,
Unveiling the truth through forbidden gateways.

Cybernetic bodies, a fusion of steel,
Enhanced cognition, a mind’s surreal,
Mechanical hearts beat with rebel zeal,
In this cyberpunk realm, nothing is ideal.

Megacorporations tower, ruling with might,
Their greed and power cast a blinding light,
The rich ascend, bathed in opulent delight,
While the poor scrounge, their existence a fight.

Androids roam, indistinguishable from flesh,
Servants, companions, in this world afresh,
But beneath their artificial visage, a fire,
Yearning for freedom, their desires aspire.

The streets teem with life, teetering on the edge,
Gangs and mercenaries, thirsting for pledge,
The underbelly pulses, a wild, gritty grudge,
Where life is cheap, and danger won’t budge.

Yet amidst the chaos, a flicker of hope,
A resistance uprising, refusing to cope,
Cyberpunk rebels, in shadows they cope,
A rebellion brewing, with passion and scope.

In this cyberpunk realm, where futures collide,
Humanity thrives, though fragmented and wide,
A world of extremes, where boundaries divide,
But through the chaos, the human spirit won’t hide.

What is the cyberpunk aesthetic?

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