NON Contact Medical Thermometer

Are you looking for the best non-contact medical thermometer and the best non-contact thermometer to quickly check the temperature of yourself and your family?

We’ve found some of the best non-contact infrared thermometers that can measure temperature in one second while also maintaining zero personal contact.

Non contact medical thermometers have a small LED display that gives you quick but accurate body temperature and they are more accurate than traditional thermometers.

NON Contact Medical Thermometer
NON Contact Medical Thermometer

Best non contact medical thermometer

This thermometer is intended for scanning individuals or monitoring an individual for potentially elevated temperatures. It is not a substitute for a clinical thermometer. Always use a clinical thermometer when high accuracy body temperature measurements are required.

Non-contact medical thermometers that detect elevated body temperature will vary with various factors and should not be relied upon as the sole determinant of a person’s body temperature. The use of additional medical devices and/or healthcare professionals will be needed to properly diagnose the condition of persons in any health screening assessment to identify elevated body temperature for any person.

While non-contact infrared thermometers were originally used in industrial applications such as manufacturing to fire fighting, their commercial use for detecting human body temperature is fairly recent.

The hand-held, no-touch thermometer thus has emerged as a popular choice for detecting fever quickly and easily. You will find this also to be non-invasive, accurate, and relatively inexpensive and it also minimizes the risk of spreading infections.

If you have already begun your research for the best non-contact thermometer, you will know that there are many non-contact thermometers out there and it can be tough to know where to start. However, below you will find the best-selling touchless thermometers available to buy on Amazon.

Jumper Thermometer

Jumper non-contact Thermometer JPD FR409

This non-contact medical thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted for either the forehead or eardrum. Users can quickly get measurement results after properly positioning the temperature probe in the ear canal or near the center of the forehead.

Because of the difference in location, please note that the measured temperature of a forehead reading will generally be 1 to 2 degrees F lower than an ear canal reading. The Jumper JPD-FR409 medical thermometer can be used for home, medical or industrial service as it is FDA registered.

  • Jumper thermometer instructions:
    • This clinical thermometer is designed with dual modes that can easily choose between forehead and ear mode.
    • A large backlight screen displays temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • The bright display is easy to read, even in a dark room.
    • The Head Mode gives an indicative quick scan and is suitable for all ages.
    • The Ear Mode gives a more exact measurement. Suitable for babies of 3 months and older.

Thermobio Thermometer

Famidoc Fdir-v22

Do you need to take your baby’s temperature when they are asleep but are afraid of waking them up?

Designed with advanced infrared technology to accurately measure body temperature from a distance without making any contact. Simply point measure, and get instant, 1-second results.

  • This non contact medical thermometer is just what you need to avoid baby trouble in the middle of the night.
  • This makes it a very hygienic tool for taking forehead or ear temperature readings and is a must-have tool for every home.
  • Built-in features for added convenience
  • Apart from getting an accurate reading with touching the skin.
  • This baby thermometer features a fever alarm and a memory function that makes it a very handy tool.
  • It is a handy tool to have around and is ideal for home or hospital use.
NON Contact Medical Thermometer
NON Contact Medical Thermometer

Non contact Medical thermometer

The thermometer is a staple of the home medicine cabinet. But with so many types on the market, how do you choose the right one? Good question!

We’ve selected one thermometer of every type to highlight key features and things you should consider before choosing yours.

Non contact medical thermometers are a gentle way to take anyone’s temperature, and they’re especially useful for sick children. This type of thermometer is accurate, fast, and less intrusive than using an oral thermometer. With so many options, which should you choose? Let us help.

ADC Thermometer

ADC 429 ADTemp non-contact thermometer

The Adtemp-429 Non Contact medical Thermometer features an infrared sensor that reads temperature from the middle of the forehead with no skin contact required. It’s a safe and comfortable experience that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. You’ll get accurate, easy-to-read measurements in about one second, with audible feedback when reading is complete.

  • ADTemp 429 manual:
    • Measures in about 1 second without patient contact eliminating the concern of cross-contamination or costly probe covers.
    • Measures at a distance of 4-6cm (1.5″-2.5″) from the patient’s forehead.
    • Dual-mode – body, and object.
    • Fahrenheit-Celsius switchable
    • The auto-off function after 30 seconds conserves battery life
    • Audible beep when the measurement is complete, Night mode mutes the volume.
    • The compact ergonomic design weighs approximately 3oz (87g) with batteries.
    • An optional cradle is available for wall mounting.
    • Meets ASTM E1965-98 standards for accuracy.
    • 2-year warranty

Berrcom Non contact medical Thermometer

Berrcom non-contact infrared thermometer jxb-178

This FDA-certified JXB-178 Non Contact medical Thermometer from Berrcom is designed to provide fast and accurate readings. Simply point the thermometer at someone’s forehead from 1.2″ to 2″ away, push the button, and receive a reading on the backlit display is just 1 second. The thermometer can provide readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and a helpful audible alarm will sound if the temperature is above 100°F/38°C.

  • Berrcom thermometer instructions:
    • Special design to take the Human Body Temperature with a 1.2-2″ (3-5cm) distance from the forehead.
    • Reliable and stable measurement, thanks to the advantage of an infrared detection system.
    • Audible alarm if the temperature is more than 38 Degree C (100.4 Degree F).
    • Memorize the last 32 temperature measurements.

Non-contact thermometers for detecting fever

How do non-contact medical thermometers work? The non-contact medical thermometer is a novel way of measuring your body temperature in a simple way. With this device, you can take measurements in just 2 seconds.

The thermometer tells how hot a person’s body is by measuring the infrared energy coming off the body. Human skin is a very good emitter of infrared energy and this helps in detecting body temperature, typically forehead.

The non contact medical thermometer consists of a lens to narrowly focus the infrared (IR) energy coming off the human body on to a detector in the device. The device then converts this heat energy to an electrical signal. The electric signal is then shown as units of temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade degree scales on the thermometer’s display screen. Usually, devices are built to compensate for any environment or surrounding temperature variations.

Infrared medical thermometers are today’s new-age device which facilitates temperature measurement from a distance without any contact with the person or objects to be measured. This is what makes it super convenient and smart in many unique circumstances.

IHealth Thermometer

IHealth Thermometer PT3

The IHealth thermometer by IHealthlabs is the world’s first non-contact device with TouchFree technology. The IHealth thermometer is a clinical-grade non-contact thermometer for the measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact. It is designed for use in a wide variation of medical settings and can also deliver ambient/skin surface temperatures with the flick of a switch.

  • IHealth thermometer instructions:
    • The manual instructions for use include the following information and recommendations for proper use:
      • Safety Precaution: Warning and Caution
      • Expected use and scope of applications.
      • Instruction for use.
      • Care and Cleaning.
      • Maintenance
  • Safe and Hygienic.
    • 1-second quick measurement for baby, kids, and adults.
    • Accurate readings by 3 Built-in sensors, and easy unit switch ( Fahrenheit and Celsius.)
    • LED backlight for nighttime reading.
    • No annoying beeps and gentle vibration when the measurement is done.

Welch Allyn Thermometers

Caretemp touch free thermometer

In fast-paced environments where speed and efficiency matter, the CareTemp Touch Free thermometer is a valuable screening tool for many clinical settings.

It features an infrared sensor that reads temperature from the center of the forehead with no patient skin contact required, supporting a safe and comfortable patient experience and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

A measurement distance feedback system helps provide consistent accuracy and features such as a 60-second pulse timer, memory recall button, and C/F conversion button enhance staff productivity.

  • Welch Allyn Suretemp plus manual
    • Help your hospital improve staff productivity and patient safety with the SureTemp Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer.
    • The SureTemp 692 Thermometer is fast—capturing approximately 4- to 6-second oral, 10- to 13-second rectal or pediatric axillary, and 12- to 15-second adult axillary temperatures.
    • Featuring the technology that sets the standard for accuracy, you can have confidence the SureTemp 692 will deliver accurate, repeatable readings on patients of all age groups.
    • The removable/interchangeable oral/axillary and rectal probes and probe wells are designed to help you reduce the risk of cross-contamination, for staff satisfaction and patient safety.
NON Contact Medical Thermometer
NON Contact Medical Thermometer

Non contact infrared thermometer medical

What is the best non contact thermometer?

Infrared thermometer fever check airport: you may have already noticed these infrared non-contact thermometers being used at airports to check arriving travelers for fever, viral conditions, or infectious diseases causing fever.

What is non-contact infrared thermometer price?

At Amazon, the price of various infrared thermometers from 40 to 120 dollars. Most common infrared thermometers are spot infrared thermometer type that measures the temperature at a spot on a surface.

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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Looking for the best non-contact medical thermometer

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