Pallet rack anchoring standards

Many projects require special anchor details that will be shown on the erection drawings.

The installer must follow these anchoring details. In the absence of such details, for standard pallet racks, it is recommended that one anchor bolt be used per column and that the anchor be ½ ”in diameter and provide 2-1 / 2” of nominal embedment in the floor.

Nominal embedment is defined as the amount of anchor that is below the floor surface before tightening.

If the base plate is a larger base plate with four holes, at least two anchors per column should be used at opposite corners of the base plates whenever possible.

Pallet rack assembly instructions

When installing anchor bolts, the builder should refer to the anchor bolt manufacturer’s anchor bolt instructions for torque values ​​for the anchors.

The anchor bolt torque is less because overtightening the anchor bolt will fail the clamping device and possibly pull the anchor off the floor.

Although we recommend always anchoring, some codes suggest that anchors for short stable racks (8 feet in height or less) that are manually loaded and unloaded in low seismic areas can be omitted.

Installation of the remaining bays

Remaining bays can be installed making sure the rows are straight above the chalk line and subsequent frames remain plumb (within 1/4 ”for every 10 feet of height) in both the aisle and aisle directions. .

The rest of the row of shelves can be set up before anchoring. All footrests in the remaining bays should be anchored like the boot bays (see boot bay installation).

Never attempt to plumb a screen after fasteners have been tightened or use excessive force to plumb a screen.

This could bend or damage the frame members. Periodically check plumb bob as rack installation progresses.

It can be very difficult to connect multiple rack bays that have been installed outside of lead.

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