Body Temperature Camera System

Body Temperature Camera System: Body temperature acting an important role in medicine, a number of diseases are characterized by a change in human body temperature. Monitoring body temperature also allows the doctor to track the effectiveness of treatments.

But the current continuous body temperature measurement system is mainly limited by reaction time, movement noise, and labor requirement.

In addition, the traditional contact body temperature measurement has the problem of wasting consumables and causing discomfort.

Body Temperature Camera System
Body Temperature Camera System

Body temperature measurement camera

Body temp Camera System:

Body temperature is one of the most important vital signs in human bodies. By monitoring the subject’s body temperature, it is most directly known whether the patient has a fever or not, and even further can speculate on the effect of the treatment on the patient.

Body Temperature Camera System

It is especially important for users who need long-term monitoring (e.g., infants and the elderly). So now in hospitals, the body temperature is an indicator most commonly used by physicians to judge the subject’s physiological conditions. Therefore, the automated contact body temperature measurement (CBTM) system has become a worldwide research issue, and the main goal is to measure body temperature accurately and for a long time.

Body Temperature Camera System
Body temperature measurement camera

Thermal Imaging Systems

Proper Use of Thermal Imaging Systems: The person who handles the system should follow all manufacturer instructions to make sure the system is set up properly and located where it can measure surface skin temperature accurately.

The person who handles the system should be trained to properly prepare both the location where the system will be used and the person being evaluated, to increase accuracy.

Infrared thermometer camera system

How to works body temperature camera system?

As mentioned, today’s continuous body temperature measurement methods can be mainly divided into 2 types: the direct contact type and the non-contact infrared type. The contact measurement method has the advantages of being unconstrained by the environment and having a wide temperature measurement range (about -90 °C to 300 °C).

At present, most of the contact methods are used to measure body temperature (e.g., medical thermometers and thermistors), but this method not only requires labor, time, and consumables but also increases the workload of the care workers and causes a waste of resources

In addition, for the accuracy in the measurement process, the subject’s activities will be limited, and the process may also cause discomfort. In contrast to the contact methods, non-contact body temperature measurement uses infrared (IR) techniques that do not require any contact with skin tissue during the procedure. Two types of infrared systems are mainly used, IR thermometers and thermal cameras.

Body Temperature Camera System
Infrared thermometer camera system

Temperature measurement camera

What is a temperature measurement camera?

Human Body Temperature Measuring Thermal Camera

The infrared thermal imaging camera detects the infrared radiation emitted by the object itself and forms an image of the surface temperature distribution of the object. The higher the temperature of the object, the greater the infrared radiation energy will be. The thermal imager obtains the temperature distribution on the surface of the object through the received infrared energy.

What is a Body Temperature Camera System?

thermographic systems, also known as thermal imaging systems, may be used to measure surface skin temperature. These systems include an infrared thermal camera and may have a temperature reference source.

Can cameras detect body temperature?

Using infrared technology, thermal cameras detect radiating heat from a body – usually from the forehead – and then estimate core body temperature. They can give a reasonable measure of skin temperature, to within half a degree, but that’s not the same as body temperature.

How to use thermal imaging camera?

In order to get an accurate reading using thermal imaging technology at hand, one should point the device toward the target and hold it still for a couple of seconds as the camera creates the visual results.

Advantages of temperature control system

So what are the advantages of infrared cameras of human body temperature measurement?

Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

  1. Investigation: fast, large-scale investigation. Infrared thermal imaging camera uses a non-contact imaging temperature measurement method, the image response speed is very fast.
  2. Speed: It can check one or more high-temperature individuals in the field of view within 1S. (If using a traditional thermometer for testing, it usually takes 3m/person-times. Ordinary point thermometer, forehead thermometer, and ear thermometer are single human body detection. The general detection time is 4 ~ 5 seconds/person).
  3. Distance: Passive, long-distance non-contact, non-disturbing temperature measurement methods are used, and the person being tested can complete the temperature detection without stopping, standing, or taking any action. At the same time, the staff is far away from the test population, which can effectively avoid cross-infection.
  4. Judgment: The infrared thermal imager can search out the body surface temperature of the tested person, and can calculate the temperature display of the body through the built-in software, which is convenient for the staff to check the body temperature.
  5. Alarm: the imaging infrared thermometer can be powered by an external power supply to continuously perform human body temperature sampling; when a high-temperature individual passes through the field of view, the infrared camera can indicate the location of the high-temperature individual and issue a sound or color warning.

Body temperature camera system cost

The need for fast accurate determination of human body the temperature has lead to one of the world’s leading specialists in infrared temperature measurement – developing a high-resolution thermal imaging camera system capable of discerning small differences in temperature.

The thermal imaging system provides a thermographic image of human body temperatures (typically the face) at a distance and comparing it with that of an extremely precise blackbody calibration source at high speed – 30 frames per second – to provide a highly accurate measurement of body temperature.

Thermal imaging is a fast non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting temperature radiance differences. The thermal imaging system, utilizing a certified calibrated source, provides unparalleled accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques.

Perfect prime thermal imaging camera combines a highly sensitive and accurate thermal sensor with ergonomic design to enable you to find and measure heat spots for diagnosis, troubleshooting, and allowing you to take photos for reports.

When you buy a Thermal Camera you get dedicated support just for thermal imager purchases.

Body Temperature Camera System
Body Temperature Camera System
Body Temperature Camera System
Body Temperature Camera System

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