Electric front end Loader for Garden Tractor

Today some lawn tractors have hydraulic drive systems and you can take advantage of those systems or create one for other hydraulic applications. Two versatile applications would be a front loader and a snow plow. There are smaller commercial machines that perform these functions, but they are very expensive to acquire for a normal owner.

The proposal is to build a prototype hydraulic front loader system (maybe even be able to connect other accessories like an electric auger for owners to place on fence posts, footings, sprinkler heads, and more) that will be mounted on a personal lawn. tractor.

There are two main parts / systems to this project. These systems will include the controls and the hydraulic distribution lift system. The second will be the bucket / plow lift assemblies and the tractor mounting points.

Electric front end Loader for Garden Tractor
Electric front end Loader for Garden Tractor

How to make a front end loader for a Lawn Mower?

This is a design project that has been developed to assist homeowners with their landscaping needs. What was developed was a proposal for a prototype hydraulic front loader. This prototype was created to help eliminate the need for a machine and an additional expense for the owner.

This front loader will attach to the existing frame of a personal riding mower while minimizing modifications. The hydraulic and mechanical components of the prototype were bolted to the existing frame and chassis components.

The use of lightweight material, strong steel bushings and gaskets allows the charger to outperform the competition in today’s market. One of the greatest benefits of this design is that it allows the mower table to remain attached to the tractor while offering “quick disconnect” functions.

Quick disconnect features allow for one person operation and storage. The loader arm and bucket assemblies are completely removable from the tractor.

This prototype also allows for a greater load capacity and lift range. The load capacity is 350 lbs. And it has enough lifting capacity to fit loads of mulch, dirt and gravel in a ¼ ton truck.

The market comparisons for this size of tractor are very different. They only allow a maximum load of 150 pounds and a lift height of 5 to 10 inches. This type of minimal load capacity and lifting characteristics limits the owner’s ability to perform normal landscaping tasks.

Currently, if you want a higher load capacity and lift height, you have to buy a separate machine to get the job done. Typically this additional machine would be much larger and costly to maintain. That is why this Design Project was developed. Therefore, the prototype helps eliminate additional storage space and additional cost to the owner.

All the components, mechanical and hydraulic, have been developed for a standard riding mower. However, it is possible to modify and connect this prototype to three other tractor models.

Lawn Mower Front end Loader Kit

This particular lawn tractor has a hydrostatic driveline and built-in safety features. The beauty of the loader hydraulics is that it works simultaneously with the tractor driveline.

However, the sealed hydraulic system works completely independently. Another great feature of the hydraulic system is that it uses the same built-in safety features as the tractor.

Therefore, this eliminates the need for additional wiring complexity and mechanical safety features that would add expense, weight, and complexity to maintaining the home itself.

The hydraulic system uses O-rings to help eliminate the possibility of leaks and contamination of the systems. It also has a single joystick controller to allow the operator to focus on the loading system.

The system also has integrated “Dripless” hydraulic disconnect fittings. This not only removes potential contamination and oil loss from the system, it also helps keep the environment free of added contaminants.

This design project has many components, but the most important element is its performance. Testing shows that the system completes the tasks and functions that you have defined.

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Lawn Mower Front end Loader Kit

Lawn Mower Front end Loader Kit

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