Blue Back up Lights Forklift

Pedestrians might not see a forklift rounding a corner, emerging from a rack aisle, or backing out of a trailer, but warning lights give them advance notice by projecting a super bright, 18” disc of light onto the floor as the forklift moves.

Lights are wired to forklifts and draw only 7 watts of power.

12-110V voltage range means they will run on almost any standard forklift. Since they move when the lift does, lights help pedestrians understand if a forklift is moving. Mount directly onto the forklift or through a magnet mount.

Blue Back up Lights Forklift
Blue Back up Lights Forklift

Forklift light indicators

Draw a high-visibility line around your forklifts with side zone lights that helps people stay away from the forklift.

The Red-Zone LED warning light helps lower the chances of workers getting hit by the rear end swing of a turning lift or their feet getting run over by illuminating a safe zone.

Installation is simple; all necessary hardware is included with the light to set a safe perimeter for any size machine. One light creates one line, so add another to guard both sides of your forklift.

Back up lights

180° Degree Arc Lights

Help pedestrians stay out of the path of approaching vehicles they may not hear or see. Super bright and super durable LED lights cast a 180° arc of light on the ground to indicate the danger zone in front of or behind the vehicle. For added 360° safety awareness, mount it to the front and rear of your forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

Cheap lights can cost you a lot. They are duller, fade over time, are less reliable, and eventually, fail. Look for a light that has high lux ratings (not lumens) and a lifetime warranty.

Back-up lights: a light mounted at the rear of a motor vehicle and so connected that it shines only when the vehicle is in reverse gear illuminating the road behind.

How much does it cost to replace backup lights?

Warning lights are ubiquitous and many are inexpensive, some costing less than $30. Your lights should work every day, all day for years. They must be reliable, bright, and durable. Dim, cheap lights that don’t last can backfire.

High lux ratings make the light crisp and visible. Intensity is measured by lux, which is the amount of perceivable light projected onto a surface. Don’t focus on lumens. Your light should have at least 900 lux so it will be intense, bright, and visible.

Long-term warranties are a sign of quality. Some lights have no warranty at all, or only one year, please avoid them. Quality lights are at least four years old, and life is even better.

Insist on excellent heat dissipation. The lights will last longer and won’t fade as quickly as cheap lights.

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