How to START a Forklift?

It is important to learn how to start a forklift and know the basic controls. It is simple. Starting a forklift is basically the same as starting a car.

Place the key in the ignition on the right side of the steering column and turn it forward to start the forklift engine.

Find the gear stick under the left side of the steering wheel. Make sure the lever is in the center position so you are neutral. Locate the emergency brake lever on the left side of the machine and make sure it is down and engaged.

There may be some situations where the forklift will not start. This problem is common on older, poorly maintained trucks. To troubleshoot a forklift that won’t start, try to eliminate probable causes such as:

Is the truck getting power? If your forklift is electric, were the batteries fully charged? Try to turn on the auxiliary functions of the truck (brake, horn, lights, and other non-engine parts), are they working? If not, the truck’s batteries are dead.

Forklift safety rules

Forklifts are more likely to tip over and harder to drive than cars, making them harder to drive safely.

After practicing driving and learning how to operate the forklift, you will be able to lift and carry heavy loads with ease. Just be sure to check with your country’s health and safety department to see if you need operator certification before driving a forklift.

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