Penalty for Driving Forklift without License

As an employer, you should be aware that the fines for unlicensed forklift drivers are substantial.

According to OSHA, any employer who violates forklift training requirements can be fined thousands of dollars for each day of the violation, up to a maximum of approximately $135,000.

In addition, any person who makes a false statement, representation, or certification claim in any way may be fined up to $13500, imprisoned for up to six months, or both. Ignoring OSHA regulations, including failing to meet its requirement that forklift operators be properly trained and licensed before they are allowed to operate equipment, can have serious consequences for employers.

Possible strategies to reduce OSHA violations

How to prevent OSHA violations and fines? Fine for driving a forklift without a license.

Forklift training is designed to help your entire fleet of powered industrial trucks run more efficiently, but more importantly, safer.

When your forklift drivers are up to date with the latest OSHA training guidelines, you’ll not only gain more peace of mind and a more motivated workforce, but you’ll also benefit from what you won’t find: hefty OSHA fines.

All companies that hire forklift operators face the same challenges in avoiding OSHA violations and the resulting fines and penalties.

is it illegal to drive a forklift without certification?

Yes, regardless of industry, a forklift operator must possess a valid license to use a lift at any workplace in the United States. You need a forklift license to operate a lift and comply with OSHA regulations.

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