Forklift Batteries for Sale

How to buy the right forklift battery? Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a battery, take a moment to learn how to choose the right battery for your forklift.

First, gather information about your forklift to ensure you get a battery that fits in the battery compartment and provides the correct amount of power.

A forklift dealer can also help you find a battery with the correct specifications.

Many people mistakenly believe that the purchase price of a battery is the highest cost they will incur for the purchase. In reality, the total cost of the battery is much more than that. Different types of forklift batteries vary in price.

In general, the purchase price of a lead-acid battery is much lower than the price of a comparable lithium-ion battery.

The cheapest battery option may initially seem like the most cost-effective option. But informed warehouse managers understand that they need to look at the big picture in more detail to understand the real costs.

Sale of new batteries for forklifts

A forklift battery can last up to five years and could last even longer when properly cared for and serviced.

But sometimes, it lasts less than expected. When that happens, it would be wise to replace them immediately so the workload is not affected.

Usually, the most common sign that the battery needs replacement is that it degrades after only a few hours of operational use.

This is also a safety issue because the operator may have difficulty driving the equipment, so the forklift simply shuts off.

Now that your forklift is causing downtime on the job, it may be the right time to purchase a battery to get your forklift up and running again.

Fortunately, finding forklift batteries for sale is easy because you can find hundreds of suppliers by searching the Internet.

Before you call these vendors to make an inquiry, it would be helpful for you to know the information that we have prepared before making your final purchase decision.

Used Forklift Batteries for Sale

When considering used batteries for your forklift, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you’re finding the best solutions for your budget.

Why consider buying used batteries?

Choosing used or leased forklift batteries over new ones can result in multiple benefits for your business. Used forklift batteries are generally less expensive than new equipment and can be especially beneficial when rented for seasonal use.

Depending on your warehouse, used batteries can provide benefits ranging from helping reduce operating costs to keeping a tight budget to renting them to reduce the amount of idle equipment taking up space in your warehouse.

The decision to purchase used equipment or join a forklift battery rental program is based on factors related to your specific needs.

Forklift battery replacement

There are several situations where leased or used forklift batteries would be beneficial to warehouses. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to your warehouse or business, then refurbished batteries may be the best option for you over-investing in a fleet of new batteries.

  • seasonal demand
  • warehouse expansion
  • tight budget

If renting or buying used forklift batteries sounds like the best option for your warehouse, then it’s important to consider these three things before making a purchase.

  • Are your needs seasonal or long-term goals?
  • What is the useful life of the equipment?
  • Does the equipment have a guarantee?

Forklift batteries for sale

Ready to take the next step in finding the best forklift battery rental or sales program?

A new battery can help your industrial warehouse meet your expectations and reduce storage costs. Only the highest quality batteries in a rental or sale program, and an excellent personalized customer service team guarantee your investment.

Many people think that the purchase price of a forklift battery is all they need to consider. But this is not true. There are many other “hidden” costs associated with batteries that are often overlooked.

  • Time (i.e. efficiencies)
  • Workforce
  • Safety
  • ROI

Forklift battery specifications

Before buying forklift batteries for sale, it is best to check the specifications and other factors to buy the right ones. Here are the things to consider before you buy:

Check the width, height and length of the compartment

Check the size and dimension of the compartment where the battery will be placed on your forklift. When you make an inquiry, the first thing the supplier will ask you is the size of the compartment.

battery voltage

Determine the battery voltage required for your forklift

To determine the voltage, count the number of cells in your battery. If your battery has 24 cells then it requires 48 volts.

To accurately determine the required voltage, consult the owner’s manual or your engineer. Any mistake could cause severe damage to your forklift, if you are not sure, it would be better to consult a professional, an engineer or the forklift manufacturer for this purpose.

battery amp hours

Check amp-hour (AH) rating

The AH rating simply means the amperage discharge in relation to the time of use. The lower the amperage discharged during use, the more efficient the battery.

You can check the AH rating of what you have in your old battery or you can ask the supplier for the best recommendation for your truck.

Check battery weight

Each forklift model has a manufacturer’s recommended battery weight requirement. Installing a lighter battery than recommended by the manufacturer is a safety concern that must be considered when choosing the correct battery.

The weight must have due diligence when buying a battery. The weight requirement can be seen on the forklift’s data plate or can be found in the forklift’s owner’s manual.

Forklift battery charger

Check the specifications of your battery charger

Please check the specifications of the battery you are currently using at your store if it specifically matches the battery you are purchasing.

You can send these specifications, along with the make and model of the forklift, to the supplier so they can recommend what they have in stock.

They are experts in their field, if you are not sure which battery to buy, just by telling them the specification of the charger and the make and model of the forklift, they can give you expert advice on what to buy.

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