Forklift Fork Size Chart

Forks are often overlooked on a forklift due to their simple way of operating. However, when you need a different size or the forks are no longer at their best. It can be difficult to know what you need to replace them. Here is a basic guide to getting you on your way.

when do you need to replace the forks?

You should check your forks for excessive wear with a wear gauge on a regular basis to ensure they are still capable of carrying their rated load.

Forks are considered worn beyond their load capacity once they reach 90% of their original thickness.

forklift fork size chart
forklift fork size chart

Standard forklift fork thickness

The most common fork is a style that is divided into classes. These classes define the height of the carriage at which they can be mounted.

  • Class 2 = 16″ Carriage Height (1500-5500 lbs. capacity)
  • Class 3 = 20″ Carriage Height (6000-11,000 lbs. capacity)
  • Class 4 = 25″ Carriage Height (11,500-17,500 lbs. capacity)
  • Class 5 = 29″ Carriage Height (18,000-up lbs. capacity)

Forklift load capacity calculator

Determine the lifting capacity of your forklift

Each forklift is rated to handle a particular weight capacity.

And it’s important to make sure your forks are rated for at least what your forklift can handle.

For example, if your forklift is rated to lift 5,000 pounds, your forks must be rated to handle at least 5,000 pounds.

You can find the weight capacity rating of your truck on the data plate.

Next, use a forklift fork size chart to compare weight capacity to required fork dimensions (thickness and width).

What size fork extensions do I need?

If you are wondering “How long can my hairpin extensions last?” the answer is that they cannot have more than 150% of the length of their forks installed.

For example, if you use 48-inch forks, your fork extensions should be a maximum of 72 inches.

And just like with regular forks, fork extensions should reach at least 2/3 of the length of the load, but not all the way.

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