Parts and Functions of Forklift

Forklift Truck Parts and Functions: Looking for a replacement part for your forklift parts or reach truck? To keep your lift trucks running and your employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential.

Forklift Dealers carry an extensive inventory of genuine forklift parts, as well as a full inventory of quality parts for other forklift brands.

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Forklift Truck Parts and Functions
Forklift Truck Parts and Functions

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“Forklift” is a broad term that covers almost two dozen different designs. Purchasing a forklift can be a significant business expense with prices ranging from $ 12,000 to $ 120,000. Such a wide range in cost is due to factors such as size, lift capacity, indoor vs outdoor application, accessories, and other considerations.

With so much operational success riding on forklifts, keeping them serviced and in proper running condition is paramount for any company. And due to the type of work they do and the environments in which they operate, owners and maintenance staff must understand the construction and parts on a forklift to keep them in service.

For this guide, we are focusing on forklift parts.

  • Toyota forklift parts
  • Hyster forklift parts
  • Clark forklift parts
  • Yale forklift parts
  • Mitsubishi forklift parts
  • Komatsu forklift parts
  • Caterpillar forklift parts

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Forklift parts are what make up the machine you depend on for safe, reliable productivity. Get to know basic forklift parts terminology.

Forklift Battery Charger

The battery is a vital piece of equipment and must be cared for and kept charged in order for your truck to work properly. While an engineer is responsible for the care and replacing of the battery itself, as the operator it’s your duty to take the battery into account when doing your daily checks and any general maintenance.

Forklift Blue Light

Making fork trucks and other vehicles in your facility more noticeable and keeping workers warned of approaching traffic is critical to reducing the potential for catastrophic, sometimes lethal injury. That is where the vehicle approach warning light helps prevent dangerous collisions.

Forklift Controls levers

Forklift Controls levers

Forklifts are capable of maneuvering in small spaces and lifting objects into high up, hard to reach places. Although forklifts are capable of doing many jobs, they are also dangerous and must be safely operated. Because of their design, forklifts can tip over easily, and they can crush or gouge people or objects if the controls are not handled properly.

Forklift Fork sizes

Forklift forks, also known as tines or blades, are used to lift and carry loads. They are an integral part of the forklift and ensuring you are using the correct ones and that they are in good condition is essential to both the safety of personnel, but also the forklift and the load.

Forklift Load Backrest

Steel Load backrests are designed to prevent the load from falling toward the equipment driver. This allows the product to rest against a square, flat surface that makes loading/unloading safe.

Forklift Magnet

Forklift Magnet

The hanging forklift magnetic sweeper will allow you to suspend the magnetic sweeper by bar or chain and can be attached at the front or the back of the forklift. Tools releasable hanging forklift magnetic sweeper is similar and has a unique lever load release, secured by releasable magnets.

Forklift Mast parts

Also referred to as an ‘Upright’, the mast is the vertical assembly on the front of the forklift that does the work of raising, lowering, and tilting the load. Most masts are ‘three-stage’ meaning there are three channels on each side. The channels are similar in appearance to I-Beams.

Forklift Seat Belt

Unlike cars, forklift seat belts are not meant to protect drivers from high-speed collisions. Instead, forklift seat belts are intended to protect drivers from being crushed.

Forklift Batteries

After determining which size forklift battery for sale is compatible with your vehicle, the next consideration to make is which type of electric forklift battery technology to use: lithium vs lead-acid forklift batteries.

Forklift Warning Lights

While traditional audio back-up alarms can warn workers of your location, it often gets tuned out and blended into the ambient noise of the building. The Safety Warning Spotlight projects a clearly visible spot beam onto the floor that alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of the nearby presence of the forklift.

Mecanum Wheels Forklift

The fork truck mecanum utilizes uniquely designed wheels for omnidirectional movement. Around the circumference of each wheel are spindles canted at an angle, with each spindle containing a pair of rollers. Each wheel is independently controlled; the speed and direction with which each wheel moves determines the trajectory of the vehicle.

Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Before you make your initial forklift purchase, decide whether a pneumatic or cushion tire forklift is best for you. Start by determining how the forklift will be used. Consider your capacity and any multi-use functions.

Types of forklift tires

Overall, there are three basic types of forklift tires: cushion, pneumatic air, and solid pneumatic. Since each type of forklift tire is designed for specific usages and applications, there is a direct correlation between tire type and the overall design and dimensions of a forklift.