Forklift Size and Weight

Finding out the weight of a forklift is necessary to ensure the safety of your workers and your warehouse. With forklift weight information, your workers can handle loads safely, and your forklift can be used safely on a different job site.

Additionally, you can verify that the weight of your forklift does not exceed the weight capacity.

A training program teaches workers about the importance of forklift weight, how to weigh a forklift, and how to safely operate and maintain a forklift.

Forklift Size and Weight
Forklift Size and Weight

Forklift Lifting Height

Free lift describes the height an operator can raise the forks without changing the height of the mast. If your forklift operates in a low-clearance environment, a free lift can be important.

A forklift mast has inner and outer rails. If a mast has no free lift, that means the inner rails of the mast extend when the lift begins. If your operator is double stacking inside a trailer or boxcar, a mast without a free lift can make their job that much more difficult and dangerous.

Some forklift masts can lift loads several feet without the inner rails extending. The inconvenient? With some masts, the free lift mechanism is located in the center of the mast, which can limit visibility.

Forklift Dimensions

Another thing to consider is the dimensions of the forklift. Be sure to give the forklift enough room to maneuver in tight aisles and narrow racks.

Although the size of your forklift can vary, the dimensions of most four-wheel and shock-absorbing forklifts range from a width of three feet for the smallest models to up to eight feet for the largest forklifts.

If you have a racking system and loads are constantly being raised and lowered, then the height is an important factor.

Are loads lifted to a variety of heights?

If so, use the maximum height when determining which forklift you need.

Knowing your needs is vital when shopping for a new forklift. This could determine which forklift capacity best suits your application. For more information, contact an authorized forklift dealer.

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