Magnetic Forklift Attachment

Forklift magnetic sweeper are the perfect solution for cleaning up large areas of nails, screws and other metal debris that can cause costly tire repairs or pose a safety risk to employees and customers alike.

Electromagnetic sweeper

Every magnetic sweeper carries a lifetime guarantee on Strength Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced materials available, magnetic sweepers are innovative, functional, and effective. The entire line of sweepers carries a lifetime guarantee on strength and a full product performance guarantee. All the industrial magnets originate in the USA.

Heavy duty Magnetic Sweeper Specs

These are just a few of the benefits you will get from a magnetic forklift sweeper:

Simplify cleanup

If it’s metal, the magnetic forklift will pick it up. That includes tiny pieces, like metal shavings or grinding dust. This makes it much more useful than a broom, which can lose bits of metal in its bristles and requires more labor. The magnetic sweeper is especially useful for cleaning in poorly lit or hard-to-see areas because its magnetic field reduces the need for precise sweeping.

Reduce costs

It’s easy to lose those tools and supplies that were accidentally dropped, especially in places like active construction sites or parking lots. A quick sweep with the magnet will pull loose materials out of the ground, ready to use.

Avoid early maintenance

For example, replacing forklift tires is expensive, and not just because of the cost of the tire. There is also the price of labor and of taking the vehicle out of rotation. But a cluttered space covered in loose metal debris can quickly lead to many flat tires.

Regularly running a magnetic sweeper over an area prolongs the life of your tires, keeping vehicles running.

Of course, these sweepers will protect other valuable equipment as well. Some users will even place the magnetic sweepers directly in front of their forklifts and trucks so that they are constantly picking up harmful debris.

Prevent injuries

Loose metal presents the potential for trips, cuts or punctures, injuries that can lead to costly medical bills or even lawsuits.

A magnetic sweeper will catch debris before it can do damage, keeping workers safe.

Collect a wide variety of objects

Nails, scrap iron, solder scraps, wires, staples, tacks, metal shavings, screws, nuts – these are all quickly picked up and removed from the floor simply by passing the magnet over objects.


Because the design is so simple, a typical sweeper is hung from a bumper, towed behind a vehicle or supported on the sides by wheels, they work in all weather, temperature and terrain. So whether you use the sweeper in rain or light snow, heat or cold, grass or gravel, its powerful magnetic field will continue to work.

Are you interested in a magnetic sweeper for your facility?

Industrial Magnetic sweeper

Magnetic Forklift Sweeper Product Description:

This industrial magnetic sweeper is a hanging model that is supplied with handles that allow the attachment of a vehicle or forklift.

These models have a length of 60 inches. It has a retractable handle that allows all metal shavings and debris to be easily disposed of in a bin or bin without having to touch or scrape debris from the base of the sweeper.

Magnetic Forklift Applications

Metal fragments in the workplace can present long-lasting health and safety hazards for staff and customers and puncture hazards for pneumatic wheeled vehicles. Automobiles, trucks, bicycles and pallets of goods usually express metallic objects of all kinds.

This magnetic sweeper attached to a forklift or small tractor via hitch lugs or brackets hovers over large areas such as factory parking lots and floors and loading docks and driveways, waste transfer compounds and shipyards to attract, capture and secure only metal scraps.

Magnetic pulling force does not apply to organic matter like dead birds, plastics like shopping bags or straws, or paper products like pizza boxes. Magnetic attraction allows for uncontaminated collection and clean storage of the only type of waste that can be exchanged for cash, scrap metal.

Metal is a durable substance. Heavy, uncollected rains can carry metal fragments into gutters and roads, parks and trails, storm drains, and eventually beaches and waterways where they continue to pose hazards to people and other creatures.

Regular sweeping of these nuisance materials with magnetic sweepers is an act of due diligence at the source of the problem.

Simple collection and release protocols allow metal shards to be quickly and cleanly collected and stored, removed from where they can cause harm, and exchanged for some cash where they are actually needed. The metal recycling depot.

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The hanging forklift magnetic sweeper will allow you to suspend the magnetic sweeper by bar or chain and can be attached at the front or the back of the forklift. Tools releasable hanging forklift magnetic sweeper is similar and has a unique lever load release, secured by releasable magnets.