Forklift Magnet

Forklift Magnet: Whether you need to clean up inside the warehouse, or outside at the job site, forklift magnetic sweepers, with releasable magnets will make picking up metal debris a breeze.

A forklift magnetic sweeper picks up metal debris while you work.

The hanging forklift magnetic sweeper will allow you to suspend the magnetic sweeper by bar or chain and can be attached at the front or the back of the forklift. Tools releasable hanging forklift magnetic sweeper is similar and has a unique lever load release, secured by releasable magnets.

magnetic forklift attachment
forklift magnet attachment

How to work a forklift magnet?

Simply hang from your forklift truck and “sweep” all contaminated areas. To unload, push the sweeper to the desired dumping area and pull the release handle. As the magnet rises, collected material is released from the collector plate.

The hang-type magnetic sweepers with quick-release greatly reduce the possibility of costly and dangerous flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, welding remnants, wire, staples, tacks, and metal shavings

Although the magnetic sweeper will lift a 3″ long 16 penny nail from 5″ off the ground, the recommended sweeping height is from 2 to 4 inches. Permanent magnetism guaranteed.

Fork mounted magnet

Fork mount magnets are a good option when flat tires present a hazard and you are using a forklift on fairly level ground.

These magnetic sweepers pick up debris before you run over it with your forklift which is always a good thing. And because you can attach up to a 10-foot wide magnet they are ideal for keeping large outdoor gravel or dirt yards free of dangerous metal debris.

Fork mount magnetic sweepers attach easily and quickly, are available in different sweeping widths and can be purchased with an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory to make clean off quick and effortless.

Fork Mounted magnets are also great because the forklift allows you to lift the position of the magnet over a scrap bin for cleaning the magnet off.

magnetic forklift attachment
forklift magnet attachment

Forklift magnetic sweeper

Do you need a forklift magnetic sweeper?

There are over two billion pallets in the USA alone. Broken pallets lose the nails that hold them together and leave behind nails and wrapper staples that cause flat tires but can easily be cleaned up with a forklift fitted with a forklift magnet.

Forklifts also move things around, and in the process of moving things around, pieces of metal fall off trucks, pallets and the material being moved.

Forklifts are mobile in the same area and therefore capable of sweeping up the debris while carrying out normal operations at no additional labor cost

Forklift magnets pay for themselves quickly by preventing flat tires and downtime of equipment, and repair costs.

Forklift magnet attachment

Whether it be an airport, a spacious parking lot or any business where unwanted tramp metal may appear, it’s likely that you clean debris from the ground each and every day. When the debris is a sharp item such as a nail or scrap metal, the debris could cause flat tires or even worse, could put your employees, customers or visitors at a safety risk.

As such, it’s vital that businesses (especially industrial businesses) remove sharp iron objects from the ground each day with hanging magnetic sweepers. Rather than waste manpower and have multiple people work on removing sharp debris, you should instead consider a magnetic sweeper.

magnetic forklift attachment
forklift magnet attachment

Magnetic lifter

lifting magnets: for a wide range of applications using permanent, electro-permanent, battery-powered, and electromagnetic technologies.

Self-Contained Lifting Magnets are versatile, compact, easy to operate and can be used on flat and round material ranging from 0 to 11,000lbs.

Larger lifting magnets are designed for applications such as handling billets, bundles, bar stock, slabs, plates, structurals, long bar stock, rail, hot material, coils, pipe rebar, radioactive material, slag, and more. These magnets are commonly used in steel mills, scrap yards, loading docks, warehouses, foundries, shipyards, coil and pipe distributors, and other users of applicable steel products.

forklift magnetic sweeper
forklift magnet attachment

Permanent lifting magnets

Permanent lifting magnets are composed of magnet materials and steel parts which build a path through which the magnetic flux goes from the magnet materials to ferromagnetic load to be lifted.

NL-B series permanent lifting magnets are assembled with high-grade Neodymium magnets and mild steel in order to get high magnetic power and compact sizes.

An NL-B permanent lifting magnet has two magnetic sources, one is in the main body and another is in the rotor. When the two magnetic sources are at the same magnetic direction the lifting magnet project magnetic flux to a ferromagnetic load underneath its poles. In contrast, when the two magnetic sources are at the opposite magnetic direction they absorb each other’s energy and no magnetic flux can go out from the lifting magnet. Meanwhile, the lifting magnet has no attraction to the load.

By turning the handle of the lifting magnet you change the magnetic direction of the magnetic source in the rotor and therefore to attract and release the load.

  • Permanent lifting magnets have some advantages as follows.
  • Permanent lifting magnets use magnet materials as the magnetic sources and don’t need any external power supply. So that they can be used in any place.
  • Permanent lifting magnets are composed of magnet materials and steel parts only, they are durable with little maintenance.
  • Permanent lifting magnets can be simply operated by hand. The operation of permanent lifting magnets is very easy.
  • The costs of the permanent lifting magnets are lowest among all types of lifting magnets.
  • But, permanent lifting magnets have some disadvantages.

What is a lifting magnet?

What is a lifting magnet?

A lifting magnet does exactly what it says: it’s an electromagnet that can pick up or lift metal objects. A lifting magnet has magnetic properties in its electrified coil and is normally attached to a crane.

Will the magnetic sweeper be mounted to the forklift permanently or will it be temporary?

If you can mount a magnet permanently on your forklift it’s going to working for you all the time at no extra labor cost, and it will also save you the time of temporary mounting and de-mounting. Fork mounted sweepers have the drawback that they don’t allow you to keep the magnet permanently mounted because you need to use the forklift. Therefore if you can make it work, rear or mid-mount forklift magnet is always better.

Will the maneuverability of our forklift be affected by the magnetic sweeper?

You need to consider the effect of any permanently mounted forklift magnet on overall forklift maneuverability at your location. Rear mount forklift magnets extend the overall length of the forklift to some degree, some are straight, some wrap around the back of the forklift better, but each can affect at least to some degree your forklift maneuverability. If you don’t have a lot of space to move your forklift around, then a mid-mount forklift magnet is going to rank higher for you. If you’ve all kinds of space, maneuverability isn’t a concern.

How well does the magnetic sweeper fit your particular forklift?

You need to consider what magnets will fit your forklift. Not every magnet fits every forklift. Some forklifts are low and can only accept some mid-mount magnets. Rear mount magnets have specific fit guidelines that need to be checked to ensure they will fit your specific forklift.

What terrain and in what conditions will you be working in?

The rougher, dirtier terrain your forklift operates in the stronger the magnet your likely going to want because the magnet will have to be set higher to avoid constantly hitting the ground. The magnet will also need to pick up debris through some dirt, therefore, you need a stronger magnet. The rougher the terrain that exists because of things like bumps and potholes, more you will want or favor a magnet that has some protection built in to the design to either deal with the abuse of hitting the ground or being able to move out of the way when it does hit the ground in order to prevent damage.

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