Tower Crane Boom Length

The new tower cranes feature new technologies that raise performance to a new height. Precise work with high-lift cranes depends on precision and speed, while lifting for general construction work demands reliable safety and a sufficient work area.

The versatile tower crane meets all of these requirements in one rugged unit. Its powerful lift booms can easily handle precise and continuous jobs, while the new hydraulic system, working in combination with a large drum capacity, offers ultra-smooth operation.

Of course, tower cranes are known for their productivity-boosting technical advancements, backed by extensive use in the construction machinery field.

How long is the boom on a tower crane?

The maximum reach distance of a tower crane is determined by the weight to be lifted, to calculate this distance, is the table of capacities of each crane. The boom length of each tower crane determines its maximum capacity.

Elevation range

Just as important as lift capacity is lift range. For that, a range diagram is usually included in each graph that illustrates how much boom length is needed to lift and lift a load both from distance and height.

Example: You need to lift a load 25 feet and lift it to the top of a five-story building. Referring to the reach diagram, 69 feet of boom are required to perform the lift.

Tower Crane Boom Length

The tower crane exemplifies this engineering excellence, offering dependable durability, excellent lifting performance, economical transport, smooth control functions, and a wide range of safety features.

In short, it can handle all types of crane jobs, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Designed for easy maintenance and reliable performance for excellent uptime, the Hammerhead Tower Crane Series provides excellent maneuverability and load moment precision.

Equipped with a comfortable ergonomic cab, high-performance load diagram, and built-in safety features, time-tested, reputable design quality and components are designed to deliver safe, reliable, and cost-effective performance over long hours of operation.

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Tower Crane Load chart

Tower Crane Load chart

The lifting capacity of the crane depends on several factors. The limitation for lifting weight begins at the base of the tower crane. Each and every component of the crane affects the lifting capacity of the load.