A tower crane is a machine designed to load and unload different materials. This load is distributed through the use of a hook and rigging that remains suspended thanks to the use of a cable.

In addition, it performs its corresponding displacement on a car and has rotating support that is usually mounted on top of a vertical tower.

The construction crane is often secured to the ground within the structure, where the space around the building is limited.

A common modern engineering technique is to fix the crane to the liftshaft site – lifting it to higher elevations as the construction progresses – and ending the well once the crane has been dismantled.

Tower Crane
Construction Crane

… the machines are imitations of the human body. The lever, for example, is a prolonged arm …

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What is a tower crane?

What is a tower crane?

What are construction cranes used for? They are widely used for lifting operations in the construction industry.

Building Construction Crane

Building Construction Crane

Construction crane assembly, crane for construction building, climbing tower crane.

Types of Tower Cranes

Types of Tower Cranes

Types and designs of cranes for construction and industry: Flat Top, Hammerhead, Luffing crane, self-erecting, etc.

You can see these huge loading machines, very similar to each other and fulfilling the same function; to be combined vertical and horizontal transport equipment, however, by observing them carefully, it can be proven that they are in fact very different from each other.

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Flat Top Crane

Flat Top Crane

The flat-top crane is characterized by its quick, easy assembly. The compact head is mounted by an auto crane in a single lift.

Hammerhead Crane

Hammerhead Crane

It is one of the most common types of cranes used around the world. They are especially valuable for the precise and exact handling of materials in construction.

Luffing Crane

Luffing Crane

They are especially in demand in congested places. They have a very short counter jib and a variable working radius, allowing high productivity in extremely tight spaces.

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Self Erecting Crane

Self Erecting Crane

A self-erecting crane is compact, easy to erect and operate, and have several transport options. Wireless remote controls, quiet and efficient electric motors.

Tower Crane parts name

Tower Crane parts name

Components and main functions of a crane such as: the mast, the counterweight, the arrow, the cabin, the controls, lights or the anti-collision system.

Remote Control Construction Crane

Remote Control Construction Crane

Radio remote controls are now standard equipment on most self-erecting cranes and are even becoming common in some parts of Europe for a flat-top crane.

Parts of a construction crane and their functions: Construction cranes are immense structures but, like all machines, are composed of smaller parts. If you are working around cranes on a construction site or other venue, you should understand their general composition. Here are the different parts of a crane.

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