When does National Mourning End?

The National Mourning is a period of reflection in response to the death of the Sovereign or another member of the Royal Family or a very prominent person in national life.

Many organizations, including places of worship, local authorities, and charities, organize events to commemorate Her Majesty’s life and service.

This may include holding services of reflection, as well as opportunities for those without religious beliefs to pay their respects.

National mourning protocol

The UK is in official national mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch she passed away at Balmoral, aged 96, last Thursday, September 8, after it was announced that she had been placed under medical supervision.

Some sporting events, notably Premier League football, were canceled over the weekend as a show of respect.

Television schedules were also greatly disrupted as broadcasters, including the BBC, broadcast detailed coverage of the Queen’s death.

King Charles, the new monarch, has declared that the day of the late queen’s funeral will be a bank holiday. But many people are wondering when the official period of national mourning will end and when Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will take place.

When is the state funeral?

The day of the funeral will be a bank holiday across the UK, and millions of people are expected to watch the event on television.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on Monday, September 19. The funeral will take place in Westminster Abbey.

The official period of national mourning will continue until the end of the day of the state funeral, so it will officially end as we move towards September 20, the day after the Queen’s funeral.

However, the Royal Family will remain in mourning until September 26, seven days after her funeral.

Royal mourning will be observed by members of the royal family, royal household staff and royal household representatives on official duties, along with troops engaged in ceremonial duties.

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